Barnacle Historic State Park is located in Miami, Florida in mainland USA. The park is located in Coconut Grove, where real estate in these beautiful parts of the city is also worth to consider if you are looking for property investment in southern Florida area. The best time to visit Miami’s Coconut Grove is when the restaurants, bars and eateries are filled to the brim with a colorful crowd. Any time of the year. You can meet here people from every corner of the world, but the dominant crowd is Spanish speaking and English speaking. Then after dark you can see the charm of Coconut Grove and feel the atmosphere of the real Miami.

But you can also come here for lunch with friends or for a business meal with a business partner. Here you can plan what to do next in Miami. This is a good place for a quiet conversation about business. For example, about investing, buying and selling, or great real estate investment in Miami.

Miami Bernacle State Park in Miami Florida
Miami Bernacle State Park in Miami Florida

Poverty and wealth of Miami

In addition to nice restaurants, great shops and fancy galleries, Coconut Grove has several other interesting attractions that are worth visiting and spending time here during your visit to this part of magical Miami. Luxury real estate is mixed with crumbling houses on plots of land, you would say straight from allotment gardens in eastern Europe… or poor Latin American real estate like properties in Costa Rica, or real estate in Peru. And a few blocks away, there are apartment buildings with selling prices well over a million US dollars.

Luxurious apartment buildings and well-kept single family houses, and crumbling hovels right next to it. This is the contrast that will hit you when you first visit Coconut Grove in Miami. Below are a few attractions that are worth visiting and which are worth spending a few hours in this atmosphere, so different than the business and “pumped up” Miami Brickell properties or condos in downtown Miami. Not to mention the bustling, protein-laden (read steroids) and bodies from plastic surgery clinics – South Beach, Miami. But that’s what Miami is like and that’s what you will love about this great city …

Bernacle Historic State Park Miami

It’s true that the entrance to the park costs the entire $ 3. Note, it is worth checking the current park entrance prices. But this money will be well spent. A beautiful park with an extremely interesting building in it. Barnacle is sandwiched between luxurious skyscrapers. The Barnacle is the oldest building in Miami that still stands on its original foundation to this day. The house was built in 1891 by the first “snowbird” in the area.

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Snowbirds are the names of those, who spend their winters in Florida, fleeing the cold northern states of the U.S. or Canada to Florida. Originally New York, Commander Ralph Munroe built a house, partly out of wood from wrecked shipwrecks. He fell in love with Coconut Grove and Miami and brought his wife to Florida, whom the Florida climate was supposed to save her from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, the wife died and Ralph Munroe stayed in Miami forever. Ralph Munroe’s wife is buried in Coconut Grove.

Bernacle Historic State Park Florida Miami
A view on the Bernacle Historic State Park Florida Miami

Yacht design

Ralph Munroe’s main occupation and passion was yacht building and design. Many wealthy Miami residents commissioned Munroe to design and build their luxury yachts at Biscayne Bay in Miami. Many of the original parts of the building have been preserved to this day, beautiful furniture in the interior, a sloping roof, and historic verandas that let the cool, coastal breeze inside the house. The main entrance hall to the building is also worth seeing.

If these types of attractions are for you and you are at the right time of the year in Barnacle Historic State Park in Miami, you can go to one of the concerts: Moonlight Concerts, taking place regularly here. On July 4 each year, US Independence Day is celebrated, traditional picnics are held here for the people of Miami.

Address of Bernacle Historic State Park

3485 Main Hwy.
Miami, Coconut Grove
Florida, USA

The Barnacle Historic State Park is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Guided tours are available at 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM. The park is closed on Mondays, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
Parking the car in the park itself is not possible, but you can park your car next door on the street. The park entrance is right next to the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

Miami Bernacle Park

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