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Real estate contracts

Real Estate Contracts

By definition, a contract is an agreement between two or more competent parties that creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing. A contract is not required to be in a certain format. To be o n a single piece of paper or even to be in written form. The agreement can be either written or oral. Essentials of a valid contract The four essential elements are necessary to create a valid...

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Types of investment properties in Florida

Informations about some ot the different types of real estate available for investment in Florida state. Check for kind of property you can purchase in Florida. Residential Residential investment property is available in a very wide range of prices. Most important factors to be considered when selecting residential properties are location, availability of local transportation, local schools and...

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Are you planning to came to Florida? Contact us.

Are you still in search for dream property in Florida? Not sure where to start? Are you planning to come to southern Florida and look for property investments? Contact us. We cordially invite you to contact our real estate office directly. We offer a wide range of investment properties, generating constant income for the owner, as well as apartments and houses in the best locations in South-East Florida....

Type of properties in Florida

Types of properties in Florida

There are various types of properties available in Florida state. Most of them are also available to buy in rest of United States. Below there is a list of types of homes whic you can find in Florida. We try to describe them for easier understanding what kind of building you can invest in Florida and United States property market. Waterfront property Real Estate in Florida next to the sea or water...

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Now you can see any news from our real estate agency on Facebook. We have a lot of informations regarding any real estate aspect in Florida south east, buy if you want more updated, recent informations please visit our social media sites. Or come back to our main website Activa Realty property for sale in Florida. Please visit us on...

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What’s mean condo in Florida

Condos Florida We have for sale condos in Florida. Foreign real estate offer in the form of condos in Florida. Browse our current offers of condominiums for sale in Florida, USA. Dictionary definition of the condo: A room or suite of rooms designed as a residence and generally located in a building occupied by more than one household. Mandarin Oriental Condos in Boca Raton (Florida) In United...

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Property buying in United States

Property buying Florida. Real estate for sale in the United States by Activa realty - new international real estate agency based in Boca Raton area (Palm Beach county - Florida). View houses, apartments and villas in the United States, for sale. Welcome to our realties sales office in Florida, where you will find the best offer for sale from today's real estate market. Both primary and secondary...


Buying a property in Florida in coronavirus time

Good time to property purchase ...? Late march 2021. Judging by statistic, the Florida’s property market newer been more hot then right now. So many buyers chasing for houses and condos in Palm Beach and Broward county area. Property prices never been higher. People go berserk looking for the most expensive properties in US history. Really, what’s going on.... Property bubble again on the way...

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