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Fort Lauderdale property on the canals

Property for sale in Fort Lauderdale in southeast Florida

Are you looking for your perfect piece of paradise? Then look no further than Fort Lauderdale, in southeast Florida. With miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and endless sunshine, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. But Fort Lauderdale is not just a vacation spot –it’s also a great place to live. There are plenty of things to do and...

Pompano Beach property Florida sales

Pompano Beach property for sale in Florida

Pompano Beach, Florida, lives up to the promise in its name; miles of beach along the temperate Gulf Stream greet the sun-thirsty traveler. Pompano Beach shares its warm, lapping seas with its Gold Coast neighbors,Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. The Spirit of Innovation airship from Goodyear patrols the clear sky above. There are enough links courses in the area to keep an adventurous golfer...

Miami property

Miami property for sale in Florida

Miami property for sale. Living in Miami, FL is a dream for several people, who crave a warm climate state. Miami is the only major American city to have been founded by women. Arriving in 1981, native Clevelander, Julia Tuttle bought hundreds of acres along the bank of the Miami River in a place known as Biscayne Bay.Her passion to build community in her newly found paradise and single-minded to bring the...

Life estate

What is a Life Estate

A life estate is a freehold estate created when an owner of a free simple estate conveys ownership to another, but only for the balance of a lifetime of the party to whom the property is conveyed. The party who receives the ownership of a life estate is called a life tenant. During the life of the life tenant, they have all rights in the property. They may lease it, mortgage it, or even sell it. However,...

Mortgages in Florida

Types of mortgages in Florida

Although there are a number of different methods for repaying a loan, there are only three types of mortgages in Florida available: FHA insured, VA guaranteed and conventional mortgage. FHA Insured Mortgage Loans The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was created in 1934 to provide sound lending practices, promote home ownership and upgrade housing standards. The FHA is a part of the United...

Property Florida

Are you planning to came to Florida? Contact us.

Are you still in search for dream property in Florida? Not sure where to start? Are you planning to come to southern Florida and look for property investments? Contact us. We cordially invite you to contact our real estate office directly. We offer a wide range of investment properties, generating constant income for the owner, as well as apartments and houses in the best locations in South-East Florida....

Florida property homes

Property buying in United States

Property buying Florida. Real estate for sale in the United States by Activa realty - new international real estate agency based in Boca Raton area (Palm Beach county - Florida). View houses, apartments and villas in the United States, for sale. Welcome to our realties sales office in Florida, where you will find the best offer for sale from today's real estate market. Both primary and secondary...


Buying a property in Florida in coronavirus time

Good time to property purchase ...? Late march 2021. Judging by statistic, the Florida’s property market newer been more hot then right now. So many buyers chasing for houses and condos in Palm Beach and Broward county area. Property prices never been higher. People go berserk looking for the most expensive properties in US history. Really, what’s going on.... Property bubble again on the way...

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