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City of Belle Glade is administratively part of Palm Beach County in Florida. It is situated on the southeastern coast of Lake Okeechobee, Florida in the United States. Almost 15,000 inhabitants live here today. This part of Florida is home to the most sugar cane in this area. This town is famous for the cultivation of sugar cane in the USA. Nearly half of all sugarcane crops in the US are grown in Belle Glade, Florida.
Condos, family homes and lots for sale in Florida in Belle Glade in Florida. Check our property selection from this town.

Belle Glade is administratively part of Palm Beach County in Florida south east. It is situated on the southeastern coast of Lake Okeechobee, Florida in the United States. Almost 15,000 inhabitants live here. This area is home to the largest amount of sugar cane in Florida. This town is famous for the cultivation of sugar cane in the USA. Nearly half of all sugarcane crops in the US are grown in Belle Glade, Florida.

The city of Belle Glade was founded in 1925, but in 1928 it was completely wiped off the face of the earth by a hurricane that hit the area and killed several thousand people at the same time. The soil around Lake Okeechobee is extremely fertile, therefore agriculture plays an important role in this corner of the United States. If you are thinking of buying a property in Belle Glade, farms and large country houses reign supreme here, but there are also more modest houses. Check out Florida plots in Belle Glade, where you can build your dream home in Florida.

The weather on the Florida peninsula makes it a great place where not only tourists spend their time willingly, but also citizens from other countries are willing to come here for good. If the winter temperatures do not fall below 15 degrees Celsius, and in Europe or Canada you have to clear snow and scrape cars at the same time, this is one of the advantages of Florida itself, with which no one will argue.
In summer it is not terribly hot here, because the temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius, but they often drop to about 25 degrees Celsius, and besides, the air humidity is perfect, so the high temperature is not bothersome. Though it is further away from the best Florida beaches here, it is worth checking out real estate listings from Belle Glade.

Moving to southern Florida

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, you can choose from dozens of offers from larger and smaller cities. You will find offers both from cities located on the east coast of Florida by Atlantic Ocean, as well as from smaller towns located in the depths of the peninsula. Those offers that are further from the coast may be cheaper and it may be worth focusing on searching real estate listings from cities and towns away from larger clusters and metropolises, then for the same money, you will be able to buy something larger or of a higher standard, and for the coast will still not be far. Check also rental property in Florida south east area.

About 80 kilometers from Palm Beach, on the shores of Lake Okeechobee on Pelican Bay, lies the peaceful town of Belle Glade. Okeechobee Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the United States. In addition to the calm waters of Lake Okeechobee at your fingertips, you can go on a nice trip and a little over an hour’s drive east, you will get to the Atlantic Ocean and its beautiful crystal waters on Palm Beach’s beaches.

If you decide to bring your children to Florida south east, you can rest assured of their education as Belle Glade has a good educational infrastructure, both public and private. You will find here all school levels, from elementary such as Gove Elementary, Belle Glade Elementary, Glade View Elementary, Pioneer Park Elementary, through middle schools such as Lake Shore Middle School, and ending with high school – Glades Central High School. The closest college is Palm Beach State Collage, but since 1978 with an open campus in Belle Glade.

Golf in south east Florida

In Belle Glade there is also the famous and popular Sugar Cane Golf Club, which has an 18-hole golf course, where you can not only play if you already know how to play, but also learn this interesting sport discipline. Another facility that you can visit frequently while living here is the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center, which is an artistic and cultural center that exhibits various types of plays, such as musicals and international ballets.

Belle Glade is considered by many to be the gateway to the Everglades, no wonder since the town is located south of Lake Okeechobee. The town is well connected with the rest of the Florida state, which makes it a base for both the peninsula and its eastern coast. When you buy a property here, you can – when you do not use it yourself – rent it to tourists traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades or vice versa.

There are not as many real estate listings neither real estate agencies in this area as in the larger cities, but you can still find a lot of interesting real estate by searching our site map and the Florida real estate map. Houses or condos for major renovation, or old, small houses can be purchased for around 180,000 dollars.

Investments in Belle Glade Florida

However, if you have a plan to build a house for yourself, or maybe a larger block of flats, in which you would not live alone, perhaps you would like to rent an apartment in a newly built house. Look also for offers for construction plots for sale. You can buy one of these plots at Belle Glade. One of them is a corner plot on Canal Street, close to Lake Okeechobee, with an area of ​​almost 5.5 acres. This is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for a place for investment or for people who simply dream of moving to Florida, buying a building plot and building their dream house on it, or even a tenement house for rent. The cost of such a plot in Florida is $ 980,000 for the entire 5.45 acres.

Convenient road access to both Florida’s shores from Belle Glade and the surrounding lake makes the town also an ideal place for business. If you are serious about doing business in this area, but do not want to buy a building plot, you may be tempted to buy a commercial property from the secondary market. For $ 525,000, a property of approximately 900 square meters could be yours. The retail unit is located just off a busy road, and was built in 1996.

This premises it’s suitable for a car repair shop, car dealership, as well as many other services that may come to your mind in a town near Lake Okeechobee in FL state. Maybe a restaurant? Maybe some tourist services? Then the premises will require refreshment and minor renovation. You can imagine to renovate such a place, start a commercial and service activity and in order not to have far to work, build your own office, apartment in it and have your service premises literally next to the wall.
The fact is, as already mentioned, some people refer to Belle Glade as the gateway to the Everglades marshes.

Then your purchased property can be a good base for Florida’s tourists who decide to go from the Everglades from West Palm Beach or vice versa. Will you build a large house with rooms for rent? A small real estate or hotel? Or maybe you will use a service and commercial premises on a busy road to start your own business, which will function thanks to tourists traveling in this direction or in the opposite direction? The range of possibilities is almost unlimited and probably depends only on the funds and permits, which you will definitely need to apply for before starting your business.

A good place for a country house in southern USA

Belle Glade is associated with, or once were, a few celebrities in the United States, mostly current or former National Football League players such as Travis Benjamin, NFL winger, Reidel Anthony, and Jessie Hester, former NFL players who played for the National Football League. the same positions or other NFL players such as Jessie Hester, Santaoni Holmes, James Lee. Another famous personality associated with Belle Glade who is not an NFL player is Earl C. Pointer, actor known for “Remember the Titans”.

Regardless of whether you buy a house for renovation, a plot and build a house on it, or you decide to take advantage of the benefits offered by a commercial and service premises, one thing is certain, a great adventure awaits you in this part of Florida. You don’t need real estate in big cities, your adventure can also start here, near Lake Okeechobee, in town of Belle Glade.

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