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Fort Lauderdale property for sale

Property for sale in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Apartments for sale in Fort Lauderdale, family houses for sale, building lots, multi family units in Fort Lauderdale in Broward county.
Check current listings from Fort Lauderdale market. Activa Realty sells great properties in Fort Lauderdale and cities close by. Check condos from Las Olas area and family houses for sale in Victoria Park in Fort Lauderdale. The best locations in the town to invest in Florida’s sunshine. We have your dream home in Florida. Just contact our real estate agency in Florida.

Here you will find the current prices of real estate for sale in Fort Lauderdale area and you can find the latest properties for sale and for rent in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida.
Get the latest information about the Fort Lauderdale real estate market, up-to-date information or ups and downs in Fort Lauderdale property prices, information on Fort Lauderdale property sales, and the latest Fort Lauderdale property sales and sales listings, Broward County.

Up-to-date precise information on home and apartment prices in Fort Lauderdale. This information is so useful for anyone looking to buy a house or apartment in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. We have homes, villas, luxury mansions, townhouses for sale, and plots of land for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Condos, apartments and villas for sale and rent

In the Activa Realty offer you will find new apartments from developers in Fort Lauderdale, single family houses with a swimming pool and own plot, real estate offers from the primary and secondary property market in Fort Lauderdale. As well as real estate deals from bank foreclosures, and short sale real estate from banks in Florida and properties already taken from owners who have not been unable to pay their mortgage obligations with US banks and financial institutions on a regular basis.

When deciding to buy and invest in a property in US, it’s worth considering the dollar against the euro exchange rate. The currency in which we earn our income. The currency exchange rate can play a decisive role in purchasing real estate in United States and Florida.

Destination not only for investors in real estate

Fort Lauderdale is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in south east part of Florida peninsula, USA. Another name by which this holiday town is known is “The Venice of America” ​​due to the large number of canals cut through this wonderful city in South Florida. Fort Lauderdale is located in Broward County in south-eastern Florida. Fort Lauderdale has approximately 181,000 inhabitants (2022). Check also other communities where we sell houses in Florida.

The city is known for its great sandy beaches, nightlife, shopping opportunities and nice restaurants and clubs. City has also great night clubs and discos. Fort Lauderdale is also well known to real estate investors, mainly in Western Europe, and above all from Great Britain.

During the real estate boom that America was going through, many professional and less professional real estate investors visited Fort Lauderdale and bought real estate here: apartments, houses, villas and other residential and commercial properties. The city of Fort Lauderdale itself is not very big, but the term Fort Lauderdale is also used to describe the entire area of ​​this part of Florida, then the population of this region grows to 5.5 million people.

Climate and weather in Fort Lauderdale

The climate in Fort Lauderdale is a typical, tropical humid climate. Summers in Fort Lauderdale are very humid, muggy and is very hot with temperatures high above 80 degrees F. Most rainfall is in the summer months, the rainy season. The winters are drier and cooler, this is the dry season in Fort Lauderdale. This is the best time to visit the city.

Fort Lauderdale also has great air connections with Europe, Latin America, and other airports in the United States. The Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport, serves several million passengers a year. It’s one of the largest airports in whole Florida. Another way to get to Fort Lauderdale is via Miami International Airport (MIA), which is located just 25 miles from Fort Lauderdale.

A wide range of Florida homes, apartments and vacation properties

Florida real estate agency Activa Realty has great properties for sale in this area of Broward county. Our portfolio also includes Fort Lauderdale townhouses for sale, 55+ condos for sale where you can find peace and tranquility in Florida, golf real estate and Fort Lauderdale and ocean view luxury apartments and condos. The most prestigious locations for real estate purchase and investment in Fort Lauderdale. We also offer commercial properties for sale and lease in Fort Lauderdale.

We have stores (shops) for sale, restaurants for sale, bars and internet cafes. Also hotels listings for sale in Fort Lauderdale and offers for sale of warehouses and wholesalers in Fort Lauderdale area. However, the main activity of Activa Realty in Fort Lauderdale, remains the sale of vacation properties in Florida as well as investment properties in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To increase cash flow for domestic and international property investors.

Also check out actual listings Fort Lauderdale townhouses for sale, Fort Lauderdale studios and condos, and finally Fort Lauderdale plots (lots) of land for sale. This is an opportunity to build your own Florida real estate and design a home to your liking in Florida. For our clients, we offer a huge selection of apartments and houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale and the immediate vicinity of this picturesque corner of South East Florida.

Property search in Fort Lauderdale

When you choose to do a Florida’s property review with one of our Activa Realty realtors while viewing properties in Fort Lauderdale, it’s a good idea to check listings and compare property prices in nearby locations in this part of Florida.
Take a short trip to Sunrise, check real estate prices in Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, Lauderhill, North Andrews Gardens, properties in Dania Beach, apartments for sale in Lauderdale Lakes, plots of land for sale in Plantation, luxury properties in the Davie area. Other good locations worth investing in Fort Lauderdale are Hollywood real estate, Pompano Beach properties, North Lauderdale, Tamarac, Cooper City and Coconut Creek condos. These are just a few locations near Fort Lauderdale city that are worth investing in Florida’s real estate.

Lifestyle in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a large city in Florida and you’ll find all the services you need for a prosperous life in Broward county in US. Even if your investment is just a vacation home investment, you will surely fall in love with Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, and with the region’s most luxurious housing estates and golfing developments.
Let’s not forget that the Fort Lauderdale area is a mecca for golfers from all over the world. Be sure also check out real estate listings right on the Fort Lauderdale canals. Waterfront properties. Some houses have their own docks and a wharf where you can moor your own boat or watercraft. Some people commute to work in their own boat without using cars.

Fort Lauderdale is home to American and Canadian banks, branches of all major US financial institutions and insurance companies. There are tons of shopping malls, shops, car rentals, pharmacies, health clinics, excellent restaurants and nightlife. Entertainment and work dominate the city. There is an excellent connection to the Fort Lauderdale airport as well as the Miami airport and the West Palm Beach airport. These are alternative locations for getting to Fort Lauderdale from overseas by air. From the airport, the best way to get to Fort Lauderdale is by taxi, also by local public bus or train. There is Brightline station and TRI RAIL station in Fort Lauderdale.

Great place to live in Florida

The city is one of South Florida’s best locations to live in the country. Fort Lauderdale is a highly regarded location for foreign real estate investment and home buying in the US. Fort Lauderdale has everything you need for a luxurious lifestyle in warm climate. Excellent schools, university, great shopping malls, fitness clubs and gyms fr all ages. One of the largest shopping malls in Florida – Collonades is located in Fort Lauderdale. Tours from all over the world come here for shopping and bargains searching.

When it comes to Fort Lauderdale’s real estate market, there are many local real estate agencies. Our real estate agency works with several of them to exchange the best offers for the sale of houses and apartments in Fort Lauderdale. For our clients we have also prepared an offer and assistance in obtaining a mortgage from a bank in Fort Lauderdale for the purchase of an apartment or any investment in Fort Lauderdale. Check our real estate services webpage.

On our website, each house or condo for sale in Fort Lauderdale is described in detail and the location of the property is placed on a small Google map in each offer. There are photos of real estate added, sometimes not of very good quality, which not fully reflect the values ​​of a house or apartment for sale. However, not all property listings have good photos. Don’t be put off by any real estate in Fort Lauderdale just by viewing the pictures on our website.

The description of each property for sale and properties for rent includes square feet of living space, information about the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and kitchen equipment. There is information about the location and type of housing estate on which the property is located. In addition, information is provided on the distance to the nearest schools, the distance to the beach and the golf course. All this is to facilitate the decision to buy right real estate in Florida.

Investment in real estate for vacation rental in Fort Lauderdale

Once you become the rightful owner of your Florida home, after signing all property purchase documents and property deeds, you can start renting out your property and start earning a decent return on your Florida’s investment. It’s worth doing it wisely and planning such a financial undertaking well. Some of Fort Lauderdale’s housing estates and upscale gated communities have rental restrictions. For example, you cannot rent a property for the first 2 or 3 years. Sometimes pets are not allowed in the building. Our real estate agency will inform you carefully about the rules governing each urbanization and estate in Fort Lauderdale, prior to making a purchasing decision.

Fort Lauderdale properties can be rented for vacation rentals and long-term rentals. These two options are very different from each other. If it is not in your plans to use your new home all year round, you can rent an apartment or house for a holiday rental and collect rental fees from vacationers.
To do this, you need to add your property to the relevant American classifieds portals and websites dedicated to vacation rentals in the USA. Vacation reservations can be made by customers online. With a bit of luck, you can generate a decent income from real estate investment.

We can use the rental income to help you pay for your Florida property, such as Home Owner Association (HOA) fees, property taxes, and ongoing home repairs. Also for the repayment of the mortgage on the property, if any. View information on our website – property maintenance costs in Florida.

Long term rents in Fort Lauderdale

For long term rentals in Fort Lauderdale, be prepared to not be able to use your property for the next year. To find a good tenant for our Florida apartment, condo or a house, advertise the rental home in the local Fort Lauderdale press or property website and wait for a call from the prospective tenant.
It’s worth choosing well candidates for renting your FL property. You need to check the references and credit history of such a potential tenant. Sometimes criminal background and employment history. After that, all we have to do is wait for the rental proceeds to be transferred to our bank account in Florida. This is a good way to expand your portfolio of investment properties, as well as increase your monthly cash flow.

Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, is a very cosmopolitan mix of people. Lots of foreigners from every corner of the world live here. Not only do Americans and Canadians dominate Florida vacation homeowners, but other nations also invest in Fort Lauderdale and own sometimes very expensive and ultra-luxurious real estate. There are people from over the world living in Fort Lauderdale, include Chinese and Russian investors and residents.

A cosmopolitan “hot spot” in southern Florida

Citizens of Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and Belgium live here. The Chinese and Indians also own real estate in Fort Lauderdale. The Polish Polonia in Fort Lauderdale also owns houses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some people live here permanently, and some people are retirees who spend the late years of their life in retirement in Florida, basking in the Florida sun. If you think about such an alternative for yourself, be sure to contact Activa Realty office in Florida. We will find the right Fort Lauderdale place for you. Check also map of Fort Lauderdale and where this town is exactly located in Florida.

South Florida is a great place to move down to Florida and own real estate in this corner of Broward County. Like it was during Covid 19 pandemia time. Hurricanes and heavy rains hit the east coast of Florida at some point in the year, but this is no obstacle for those who are thinking about a good investment and an excellent capital investment in United States. Not only is it worth saving your money in a bank or savings accounts, but most of all properly investing your capital and drawing profits from it and living life to the fullest and enjoying your wealth.

Activa Realty real estate agency will advise and advise on what is the best to invest in Florida, which locations to take into account when making such an important decision as buying a home in Florida. Advice and consulting in real estate from Activa Realty – the best investments in south east Florida area.

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