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Check the latest homes and condos for sale in Hallandale Beach area. New construction, short sales and foreclosure properties from this corner of Florida. Check our property listings. Search for your dream home in south east Florida. Hallanadale Beach offers lot of opportunities to purchase nice house in Florida, condo, or cheap studio in this part of Broward county. Activa realty services cover this part of Florida and we sell properties in Hallanadale Beach. Also is worth check properties for sale and for rent in cities close by. Such as property for sale in Sunny Isles Beach in Miami from the south and properties for sale in Hollywood in Florida. Both locations are good, but location closer to Miami Downtown and Miami South Beach are more expensive place to purchase the property in Florida.

Property For Sale in Hallandale Beach in Florida – Heaven For Investors

It was not all that long ago that Hallandale Beach, Florida, was little more than a scruffy beach area. Now, having found itself the epicenter of a property investment boom, it’s rapidly on its way to emerging as South FL’s next premium real estate nexus. In keeping with its new standing, the place is undertaking enormous renovation projects, constructing new and advanced developments, and welcoming the arrival of shops and upscale restaurants.

With an estimated population of nearly 45 thousand, Hallandale Beach is among the fastest-growing Broward County Municipalities. It has long been so well-known for Canadian snowbirds wintering near its Atlantic Ocean beaches that it has something been dubbed the southernmost Canadian City. But now it has also started attracting a more global contingent, with several European purchasing vacation homes. They’re lured in part of the convenient location between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and closeness to Miami International Airports and For Lauderdale Hollywood, the Port of Miami, and 1-95.

Hallandale Beach, Florida Real Estate

There’s a wide variety of waterfront properties for sale in Hallandale Beach, with something to satisfy everyone. Along the high-rise residential towers dominate the oceanfront, some of which provide the lavish living with resort-style amenities. Away from the shoreline, you will find modest single-family houses for sale in Hallandale Beach or small lots. These homes and condos are generally found on quiet, tree-lined streets, appealing to those who want a super peaceful place to call home.

Along with intercostals waterway and the city’s several canals, you will encounter fabulous mansions on sprawling estates, in a gated communities, such as Golden Isles. These single-family properties for sale in Hallandale Beach are exclusive and expensive, offering residents tranquility, privacy, and valuable waterfront access.

Why buy property in Hallandale Beach, Florida

Weather and Geography

Hallandale Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean and it’s bordered by Hollywood in the North and Miami Dade in the South. Pembroke Park is just slightly west of the state. Just like most of FL, it’s in the humid subtropical climate belt. This means that it has extremely warm, mild winters and humid summers. The average temperature of Hallandale Beach in June is about 32 to 34 Degree C and during the winter in Jan it’s averaging at about 16 degrees C.  With a yearly average of 21.5 degrees C, it’s marked as the warmest state in the USA. Though, there’re frequent thunderstorms with a precipitation level of about a yearly 50” of rainfall.

Cultural diversity

Hallandale Beach is extremely rich in cultural diversity. There had been no population of European descent-up until the nineteenth century. In a recent survey, excluding the Canadian, Latino, and Hispanic population, 8.2 percent of residents were of West Indian or Caribbean ancestry, 5.3 percent were American, 5.2 percent Russian, 3.4 percent German, 2.8 percent Irish and 2.7 percent of populace shared Polish ancestry. This is great if you’ve a degree in social science because there’re plentiful job opportunities for you here. Another wonderful thing about cultural diversity is different cuisines. FL is known for its amazing cuisine. This’s a mix of the Caribbean and several Latin American Cuisines and it’s something to marvel at.

Income Tax is not something that you’ve to worry about 

Several play a big part when deciding where to buy apartments for sale in Hallandale Beach. Logically, you’ll be looking for a place that’s affordable to live in, but most often the cheap areas are not great. Florida is one of the 7 US states which don’t impose a personal income tax. Florida, therefore, doesn’t have a state income tax in common sense.
Other sorts of taxes do exist in the state of Florida such as sales, use, and corporate income tax. One of the most common taxes imposed on individuals residing in Florida are:

  • Fuel Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Use Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Property Tax

If you want to avoid paying taxes, real estate Hallandale Beach is the perfect place for you. Even though there’re certain types of taxes, those are not hitting as hard on your wallet.

Outstanding housing and living costs

Hallandale Beach has a vibrant real estate market, with new housing projects emerging almost everywhere. Hiring a real estate agent in Hallandale Beach will help you stay inside your budget so that you can splurge when investing in commercial properties for sale in Hallandale Beach. Outstanding housing and living costs attract several people from other states of the US and foreigners. In a case like this, it’s only logical that the prices will arise.

Over the previous year, there was an 8 percent increase in the prices. But even now, the median real estate in Hallandale Beach is around $270,000. Analysts predict that as long as people keep moving to Miami, Florida the prices will keep going up. Surprisingly, even like this, FL has a decent average value compared to several northern states, where property prices are much higher. Continuing onto the story that expenditure of money is vital to consider before moving to a certain place, it’s understandable why everyone loves Florida.

Beaches and water recreation

As the name suggests, the beaches are wonderful. There’re several types of beaches ranging from beaches meant for relaxation to party beaches. There’re also a lot of recreation options including all sorts of water sports. Surfing has recently become legal in this area, so you’re sure to see several young people enjoying the waves. They’re also a lot of cruises available if you want to relax and sail on the beach. We have here hot homes in Florida for sale in this part of Florida.

Entertainment options

This is why Hallandale Beach, FL is very popular for tourists. Several people come to Hallandale Beach to enjoy horse races and try their luck at Mardi Grass Casino. A well-known joke is that Hallandale Beach is a wonderful place to watch the fast thing and lose money. If you want to watch horse races, you’re welcome at Gulfstream Park, which hosts one of the biggest events in the US. Other than horse racing there’re more entertainment options at the park such as pottery classes, karaoke, bowling, and live music.
Interestingly enough, there’re even more races to enjoy in Hallandale Beach FL. This time it’s greyhound racing at the Mardi Grass Casino. There’s something for everyone in this town.

Condos in Hallandale Beach are to die for

The number of Condos for sale in Hallandale Beach right now is incredible and the selection is unmatched. You can pick your sort of luxury and decide what sort of easy beach lifestyle you want to lead. With extremely convenient amenities standard in most condos, you can experience 5 start services in the comfort of your own home. From spars to fitness centers, to 24hrs concierge, to full beach service, condos in Hallandale Beach have it all.

Real Estate Hallandale Beach is perfect for investors and families 

If you looking for townhouses for sale in Hallandale Beach, an investment in your future, or a fine place to settle down, these neighborhood condos for sale right now have all that you need. This Hallandale Beach neighborhood has wonderful parks such as Joseph Scavo Park for families to enjoy, and adult entertainment such as the casino or the several gourmet restaurants and top-end bars in the area. With the present growth rate of the neighborhood, now is also a great time to invest in real estate in Hallandale Beach.

Average rent cost in Hallandale Beach

Housing is generally the biggest monthly cost that you’d need to account for. The average rent in the Hallandale Beach FL metro area for a 2-bed home is $1,988, which is 69 percent more than average rent across the US. Though, this average takes into consideration both suburban and metro areas. So, the costs might up or down depending on which neighborhood you eventually decide to say.

Real Estate in Hallandale Beach: A good investment?

Smart investors have been doing business in Miami for nearly 100 years. They know that people are not going to stop coming to FL for business and pleasure and that when they do, they want a lavish and comfortable spot to stay and enjoy the affluent Miami lifestyle. But not every condo in Miami is created equal, and some will provide you more for your buck than others. If you’re considering investing in real estate, Hallandale Beach is the best place to start. Not only is the lavish real estate market booming, but the surrounding areas are thriving and constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing community.

Hallandale Beach is the definition of upscale living and more specifically. The Beach Club is where seasoned investors put their money because they have already seen the huge growth that has occurred in the few short years since the beach club opened. Investing in property is a great investment because of the potential. These relatively new trios of towers on the beach have seen wonderful growth over the past few years, and things are only looking up. More and more people coming to Hallandale Beach for the high-end shopping, the stunning beaches, and good energy nightlife, and investing in a property here puts you right smack in the middle of it all.

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