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Portfolio of investment properties from Lake Worth area in Palm Beach county in Florida. Search for houses, apartments, commercial units and condos for sale in Lake Worth. Check listings from 55+ urbanizations and properties located in waterfront. Best property deals from Activa Real estate agency. We have a dream house for you in Lake Worth Florida. Another option to purchase property in the area is property in Atlantis, not so far from Lake Worth.

Property For Sale In Lake Worth In Florida USA 

Lake Worth is a small city in East-Central Palm Beach County, Florida, US. It is located about 64 miles North of Miami. Its name “Lake Worth” is derived from the water along its eastern border known as Lake Worth Lagoon. It was named for General William J. Worth. The city is well known for its unique history, fantastic beaches, famous fishing pier and several other things. This article will help you a lot if you are searching to know about property for sale in Lake Worth, Real estate in Lake Worth, Florida, and Life in Lake Worth, Florida. Even If you just want to know more about Lake Worth, continue reading.

Why Lake Worth Florida Is A Best Place to Live? 

The population of Lake Worth has been growing for quite some time because people have realized the true potential of this place. As of the US census bureau report, the population of Lake Worth, Florida, on July 1, 2021, was estimated to be about 42,496. Though the population is less, it’s part of the Miami metropolitan area, which has more than 6 million people. Also, the city has a diverse demographic. The median household income in 2016-2020 was 41,997. Lake Worth possesses a suburban feel and is best for families looking for larger space rather than dense cities. In a combination of various factors and diversity, Lake Worth ranks well. It’s a nice place to call home as it has something for everyone.

Weather: The climate here in Lake Worth, Florida, is amazing. It has the same typically hot climate as other cities in Florida. If you are not a snow and cold person, this is an ideal place for you with stable weather.

Affordability: Lake Worth’s living cost is lower than the national average. Some areas can have ups and downs, but housing expenses, grocery items, utilities, health care, transportation, and other goods and services are less expensive. There are also very luxury properties for sale in Lake Worth area.

Liveability:  Lake Worth, Florida, is a very good livable city. It is well known for its unique history, amazing beach, and famous fishing pier.

Beaches: If you are a beach lover, then no doubt this can be an excellent place to live. You can easily find Waterfront properties for sale in Lake Worth, Florida. Or if you want to visit this city, you may also rent apartments or rooms.

Education: The education in Lake Worth is also excellent and affordable. It has been improving with time as well. We can see that there was a time when illiteracy was high in a lot of big cities like New York. But now they are exceptional. 

Lake Worth Housing Market

The housing market of Lake Worth, Florida, is booming and competitive. There are lots of best houses for sale in Lake Worth, Florida. Property for sale in Lake Worth receives 6 offers on average and is sold in an average duration of around 42 days.
Meanwhile, there are varying prices for a property in Lake Worth, Florida. But the average price of a house for sale in Lake Worth is about $455k. The selling price is showing steady growth. As of June 2022, Lake Worth, Florida’s price per square foot is $276. It shows a significant 24.9% increase. Additionally, as of June 2022, the home prices in Lake Worth, Florida, increased by 18.4%. The median sale price of houses in the city was $425K. In the same month, 203 Houses were sold in the city.

Real Estate Options In Lake Worth 

The above data clearly shows Lake Worth Florida Housing Market’s potential. Whether you are planning to move into Lake Worth or planning to invest, there are many real estate options in Lake Worth for you. The one that serves your needs best is your go-to option.
Lake Worth has extensive housing options for everyone. You can find beautiful apartments, houses, and condos. Also, you can find apartments and property for sale in Lake Worth, where residents can enjoy the fantastic sea view. Below we have mentioned some famous types of property for sale in Lake Worth. 

Lake Worth property for sale Florida USA
Lake Worth property for sale Florida

Mansions: If you are looking to live in a luxury house, you can easily find a luxury mansion for sale in Lake Worth. They have 4 or more bedrooms, enough bathrooms and other facilities required to live happily. 

Condos: Condos are homes that offer more space and are less expensive than a mansion. Primarily, these are located near beaches. If such homes interest you, then you can easily find condos for sale in Lake Worth. 

Cottages: If your budget is low and you are looking for a house for sale in Lake Worth, we’ll don’t worry. Because cottages are the go-to option for you, cottages have one to two bedrooms and are ideal options for small families and couples. They are convenient, comfortable, and affordable with charming features, so why not look for some cottages in Lake Worth?

Moreover, you can find all types of houses for sale in Lake Worth. There are fabulous apartments for sale in Lake Worth, Townhouses for sale in Lake Worth, and also you can find commercial properties for sale in Lake Worth.

Where To Invest In Lake Worth, Florida?

Lake Worth is a beach city, and there are lots of investment options available. The city is famous for some of the best tourist attractions in Florida, with Lake Worth beach being one.  It is famous for its beaches, arts, and history. The economy and people’s lifestyle in Lake Worth are solid and vibrant. Whether you are looking for Condos for sale in Lake Worth, Houses for sale in Lake Worth, or Waterfront properties for sale in Lake Worth, Florida, Lake Worth City has got you covered.

Lake Worth is one such city where you can find affordable condos on one side and luxurious mansions and apartments on the other. Thus, you can look for a wide range of properties having different prices. If real estate investment sounds good to you, then you can contact Activa Realty real estate agent today and get information about the property for sale in Lake Worth. 

Real estate agencies in Lake Worth

If you are looking for professional and experienced real estate agencies in Lake Worth Activa Realty Florida is what you should go for. Activa Realty Florida has 15+ years of experience in property selling internationally. They can show you amazing property for sale in Lake Worth, Florida, and will offer excellent service and support at every stage of property purchase. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Lake Worth or anywhere else in Florida, Activa Realty is waiting to help you make your dreams come true.

Famous Attractions in Lake Worth City 

There are many fun activities and unique places to visit in Lake Worth, Florida. Whether you are planning to visit this amazing city as a tourist or move and live there, you surely want to know about some of the famous places to visit in Lake Worth, Florida. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Lake Worth are as below. 

Lake Worth Beach 

Your trip to Florida is incomplete without spending some fun times on the beach. Lake Worth Beach is the perfect place to enjoy some beach times. It is a beautiful beach with beautiful sand and beachfront, public restrooms, clear maintenance, and good parking.

Downtown Lake Worth

The Downtown Lake Worth area is vibrant, colorful, bohemian and artistic. There are lots of shops and restaurants you can visit and expanded food and drinks options such as seafood, fast foods, street-style tacos, wine, and many other food options. 

South Florida National Cemetery 

The South Florida National Cemetery is located in western Lake Worth, Florida. On April 16, 2007, it was opened to the public and remained a famous place in the city.

Lake Worth Playhouse

The Lake Worth Playhouse offers musicals, live theatre, dramas, comedies, educational classes, independent film, and Broadway standards. You can attend any upcoming shows there.

William O Lockhart Municipal Pier

William O Lockhart Municipal Pier is a famous place in Lake Worth for selfies and photoshoots. You can enjoy walking and seeing people fishing, which you can do too. There is an oceanfront park, restrooms, and picnic facilities a few feet away. 

Moreover, there are Florida hotels and restaurants also near the pier. One of the famous dining restaurants at Lake Worth pier is Benny’s on The Beach. It offers various American cuisine and fantastic seafood.  So you can enjoy the astonishing view with an exceptional dining experience.

John Prince Memorial Park

The John Prince Memorial Park is named after the former county commissioner John Prince who served for 18 years. This Lakefront space has shelters, pavilions, nature trails, bocce courts, and petanque. It also offers a variety of activities, including a picnic area, fishing, canoeing, biking, a golf learning center, and a campground.

Lake Osborne

Lake Osborn in Florida is part of a system of once natural freshwater lakes lying along the coastal ridge in Palm Beach County. The lake is bordered on the west by John Prince Memorial Park and the east by the City of Lake Worth. It is peaceful; you can sit there, chill and enjoy it by looking over the lake or walking and biking. This place is natural and you can have fun there with your family. You can also rent apartments in Lake Worth. Lakes Osborne’s property types include homes, condos, townhomes, mobile or manufactured homes, and co-ops.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located at the end of Lake and Lucerne Streets. The park wonderful with trees, greenery, picnic points, and a walkway along the water. It is just 10 minutes away from downtown Lake Worth. This park can be an excellent way to fresh yourself. 

Lake Worth Farmers Market

Lake Worth Farmers Market is a farmers market with an excellent selection of vendors. Many foods, fruits, and vegetables are found in the Lake Worth Farmers Market. The fact that it’s near the sea so you can enjoy a good sea view and shop.

Lake Worth Municipal Park

Lake Worth Municipal Park is a beautiful park where one can walk and sail a small boat. You can enjoy nature with your family and easily access several other activities. 

Final Thoughts

We have covered a lot of things about living and real estate in Lake Worth, Florida. If you are interested in buying or renting a property in Lake Worth, contact us. We will provide you with a list of houses for sale in Lake Worth, Florida, and help you with our utmost best.

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