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Check latest houses, condos and apartments for sale in this popular area of Miami. Activa Realty sells properties in Miami Beach. Check prices, browse for property deals and read all the details about homes for sale in Miami Beach. We have a dream apartment for you by the ocean next to Miami Beach. Check prices and latest property listings in the area.

Miami Homes for sale in US. Property sales offers from the Miami Beach area of ​​Miami, Florida. Luxurious apartments in prime locations overlooking the ocean. See the best real estate deals from Miami from Activa Realty real estate – real estate investments.
Have you thought about changing your place of residence, maybe from Europe to United States? Move from the north of United States or Canada, to the seaside to the south? What if the dreams of moving would have gone a little further? About couple of thousand miles away, to the ever sunny Florida? Check also latest property for sale in Miami Beach area.

The best climate in the continental US

Florida fulfills all expectations when it comes to making dreams come true regarding the warm weather. The climate is pleasant practically all year round. In summer the air temperature is on average 30 degrees Celsius, in winter it does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. One of the good places to buy a condo or apartment is Miami Beach, famous in the world, mainly from the 1980s TV series and the 2006 feature film – “Miami Vice”.

The Miami Beach district is part of the Miami urban complex on a barrier island right on the Atlantic Ocean, centered on a complex of Art Deco buildings and bustling with life literally 24 hours a day. Its beaches, as one of the few in the United States, allow topless sunbathing.
The history of Miami Beach dates back to 1870, when father and son, Henry and Charles Lum, bought land on the island, at a price unbelievable today, 25 cents for an acre. Miami Beach became a city in 1917. Today it is perceived as a mecca of luxury lifestyle, celebrities and mainly due to the “economic boom”
The historic district in the Art Deco style has been restored and once again tempts with its charm. Here you can spend pleasant moments on South Beach Ocean Drive, on Lincoln Road, where there are numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and great clubs. Check also property for sale in Sunny Isles in Miami.

Miami Beach is the riviera of the United States, a place where you can spend your vacation both alone and with the whole family. And while living here, you can feel like you are on an eternal vacation. It is here that most Hollywood stars have bought homes. Luxurious Miami Beach can be called the icing on the cake of world luxury, where stars and celebrities of sport, film, music and fashion have found their place.

Celebrities in Miami Beach

This luxury lifestyle has so far attracted Lenny Kravitz, Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Kanye West, Maria Sharapowa and Shaquille O’Neal. And the most famous from Poland, Marcin Gortat basketball player, who does not live in Florida anymore, but bought here a nice residence with six bedrooms, six bathrooms and a large swimming pool.

Miami Beach Homes, Apartments and Residences

Many of the properties for sale in Miami Beach are luxury homes, mansions, apartments and condos, most of them as luxurious as the city of Miami Beach itself. Their prices range from $ 200,000 to as much as $ 45 million and more, which means that not only a millionaire can afford to live in Miami Beach, but it must be admitted that houses and apartments in Florida are bought mainly for investment purposes in real estate . There is also lot of rental properties in Miami Beach area.

Miami Beach will seduce you with its luxury and glamour. You can buy real estate mainly on the barrier island, in the center of Miami Beach, but the pinnacle of extravagance may be a small island off the coast of Miami Beach – Star Island, which is very popular among celebrities. Recently local travel agencies have expanded their offer for cruises around Star Island, following the trail of the most famous stars and celebrities in Miami. Famous people are like a magnet for people buying houses and apartments as an investment in their future, so no one is surprised that next to famous people you can find houses and apartments of very wealthy Russian oligarchs or Asian businessmen. There are also a lot of Poles living in Miami Beach who own real estate here.

When it comes to the section of real estate for sale, you will buy detached or single family houses here, luxury condos, as well as properties located in large skyscrapers. There are also cheaper condos for sale in Miami Beach area. This happens less and less, but some properties have just been built and are being sold or sold even before they are built, and they are selling like the proverbial – hot cakes.

One of the most prestigious location for an investment in Florida

Miami Beach boasts excellent infrastructure, and although it’s associated with luxury apartments and mansions, you will also find great shops, offices and schools here, ranging from primary to secondary schools. In Miami Beach, you can not complain about health protection, because in addition to specialized clinics, the most developed, beautifying the appearance of Hollywood stars, there are also ordinary clinics and hospitals, as befits a big city.

There is a very well-developed tourism industry in Miami Beach, if you do not want to visit the city as tourist, you are only interested in living here or investing in real estate, maybe you will also be interested in investing in tourism business? Maybe you want to set up a company that will make tourists’ time pleasant, set up a cafe next to the promenade on the beach? Sufficient funds and a license issued by the city are enough. Check our services for investors in Florida.

Property prices throughout the United States have increased quite significantly in recent years, and there is a wide choice of properties available. Americans are less and less willing to take out loans to buy a condo or a house, so those put on the market are bought by Europeans and Asians as the best capital investment. The sale of real estate in Florida is mostly secondary market, mansions and skyscrapers built between 1990 and 2020, but you can also find gems, sold by developers in an off plan state, to be finished by the buyer according to his preferences.

Differences in the naming of American real estate

When looking for apartments to buy, let’s use the name “condo”, which comes from “condominium”, it’s the American equivalent of an apartment. The name “apartment” may be misleading as it means a flat, a rented property that is not owned by a given person. As for language curiosities, it should be remembered that the “first floor” is the ground floor, not the first floor, as we would say in Europe.

Very interesting property listings are “condos” or apartments to buy, which can be both a breath of mega luxury in your life, and the best investment for the financial future. Apartments for sale can be found both in buildings next to the marinas, as well as in skyscrapers overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The areas of such apartments for sale are truly luxurious and amount to about 200, 300 square meters, and the most luxurious ones with several bedrooms and bathrooms are even 600 square meters.

Condo or an apartment in Miami Beach?

Most of the condos bought on the secondary market are furnished and, needless to say, quite luxurious? The apartments are air-conditioned and can also boast large terraces or balconies, very often overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. When buying such an apartment, we also get the opportunity to use the gym, nice swimming pool, fitness room/gym and, of course, a guarded parking lot. If you are interested in smaller luxuries, you will definitely find something for yourself in the lower Art Deco buildings, where you can buy smaller apartments, maybe not always with a swimming pool and gym, but still very luxurious and in good location close to the Miami Beach.

By buying an apartment or flat in Florida in Miami Beach, you can become neighbors of one of the world’s most famous stars or invest in one of the most profitable investments for your and your children’s future. Because even though real estate prices drop, they are one of the most desirable in the world and over the years it may turn out that the return on investment will be very profitable.

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