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Miami Brickell property for sale

Apartment in the most prestigious area of Miami. Great location for property investment in greater Miami. Houses in Brickell, condos for sale in Brickell and commercial properties for sale in Miami Brickell. Browse for property prices and call us for the best property services in Brickell area. Miami investment properties. Consult with us best property to increase your cash flow and property income. We have a great deals from Miami Brickell area.

Miami Brickell property for sale – What You Should Know About

United States, Florida, Miami Downtown, Miami, Brickell. You have found the major financial district in Miami. Go beyond and you will find Brickell, an island that gives the finest views of the neighborhood. It’s look and feel, gastronomy, connectivity plus convenience, and it’s creative culture, are the main things turning Brickell into a huge new construction center.
Everyone wants to live in this FL area that has tripled its population since 2000. Some of us know that Florida gets 9 hundred new inhabitants each day, being the 2nd fastest growing spot in the US, after Texas.

Miami Brickell is now the hot spot in the whole area. In just a couple of years more, Brickell that’s the downtown of Miami is projected to have over 110,000 residents. Currently, it has 93,000, just do the math. What makes Miami Brickell, especially appealing for real estate Miami Brickell? Let’s see.

Top Reasons to Live in Miami, Brickell

There is the fluency of visitors that pick Brickell instead of the beach. It is a Mecca for brands that search for interaction with huge business opportunities, new restaurants, international cuisine, art installations, hotels, and bars, as well as stunning weather. Perfect for South American people are some of the main reasons to pick Brickell.
In Miami Brickell, there is an explosion of investment in Miami Brickell property for sale like office buildings, condos, homes, apartments, and mixed-used developments are just some of the types of properties about to be born in the neighborhood. See also property in Miami Coconut Grove.

85 percent of the property buyers in the area are from countries like Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and Colombia, selecting among great Miami Brickell condos for sales like 1010 Brickell or Brickell Flatiron and Brickell city center.
If you’re looking for an urban core NY stylish, Brickell could be your main choice. Its big financial district feels more New York style rather than Miami. The Metro mover will take you to various areas like American Airlines Arena, Bayside Marketplace, Miami-Dade College, or Miami-Dade County School Board for free. 21 stations to various destinations, 5 am to midnight, 7 days a week, as its site states, you will also find the best European brands.

If doing business is not your main thing, we’re sure you will be dragged into the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science or interactive museum. You will find a bunch of international exhibits or Miami-based artists.
In Miami Brickell, you’ll various parts and shops for an incredible shopping experience. You can also find the best spot for sushi in Miami, NAOE. If you’re more fan of Italian cuisine, you will have options like La Centrale or Casa Tua. For South Americans missing their local meal, Quinto La Huella are the main choices that’ll suit them.

Not to far from Miami South Beach

Miami Brickell is located by car, fifteen minutes away from South Beach, 15 minutes away from Miami airport, six minutes away from American airlines, and 30 minutes away from the Bal Harbour area and great Shops in Bal Harbour. The interesting places in Miami Brickell are surrounded by Coral Way, Little Havana, Downtown Miami, and Allapattah.

Salons, gyms, and spas like the premier one at Mandarin Oriental, will give solid facial and body treatments. For your mental health and relaxation, a terrace with a wonderful view or a docked yacht will both be good choices. Miami Brickell only a financial hub, but also a wonderful place to enjoy, since those times when it was the only patch of an office building, it has developed into a place to check out, an ideal-kept secret in Miami.

Why invest in property in Miami Brickell?

If you’re looking for an excellent place to invest in real estate, look no further than Miami Brickell. This is home to some of the most luxurious Miami Brickell condos for sale in the country. Here’re 4 reasons why you’d invest in property in Brickell:

Properties are high-end and beautiful 

Miami, Brickell is home to some of the most amazing, high-end properties in Florida in US. If you are looking for a lavish area where you can enjoy life to its fullest, it is worth considering. You will have access to top-class amenities like incredible shopping, top-rated restaurants, and luxury spas.

The neighborhood is continually growing 

Look the right time to invest in anything is when there’s a huge potential. That is the case with Brickell. The neighborhood has been experiencing wonderful growth in recent times, and it does not like the trend is going to slow down anytime near. So, if you are looking for incredible property prices in Miami Brickell that have the potential to appreciate significantly in value, Brickell is the best option.

Also, because of the growth in the area, Miami Brickell is becoming more popular with tourist who wants to visit Miami, FL. This means that if you’re looking for a place where you and rent out your property when it is not being used by yourself, there’re a bunch of potential tenants who’d be interested.

Weather and parks are Fantastic

The weather in Brickell is super fantastic. With year-round sunshine and temp that rarely drop below 70 degrees F., it is no wonder why people flock to this incredible neighborhood. So, if you are looking for a perfect place where you can enjoy nature without having to deal with extreme winders or oppressive heat waves, Miami Brickell is a great option.

Public Transport is Flawless

Another great thing about Brickell is the wonderful public transport system. Whether you are looking to take the Metrorail or bus, getting around Miami, is a breeze thanks to the well-connected modern transportation network. So, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving in Miami’s notorious traffic, Brickell is a great choice.

Renting vs. Buying in Brickell – Important tips to keep in mind 

Understand the cost of ownership 

When you buy a condo for sale in Brickell, your monthly obligation are divided into principle, taxes, interest, association fees, and insurance while as a renter you only pay a single rental fee. The main difference is that as a renter that fee goes to pay someone else’s mortgage. You’re creating equity for someone else. When you own, each payment you make goes towards your equity.

Know homeowner tax advantages

Mortgage interest, as well as property taxes, is deductible when you file your yearly tax returns and decrease taxable income. These deductions lower your cost of home-ownership.
For instance, 300,000 dollars home with 20% down and 30 years fixed mortgage at 4%, monthly payments is about 1545 bucks. A tax deduction reduces this full housing cost by about 1215 dollars. Fees of rental are not deductible.

Purchase home vs. rent math 

The cost of renting in Miami Brickell is pretty high. If you buy a condo in Brickell instead, your monthly payment could be even much lower than your rental fee.The NY Times has this wonderful calculator to do this math and make the decision of renting vs. buying you will be surprised.

Credit Score 

Have you checked credit lately, if not you’d do it before starting looking at the Miami Brickell property for sale. Here is a true story that just occur to a client/friend. I suggested a friend get pre-qualified before wasting time visiting condos but he’s a bit stubborn and he did not.
He found the perfect condo in Miami, Brickell for him and his family and submitted an offer that was accepted. The unit was a big steal. The contact stated that he had to apply for financing within three days after accepting and so he did just to realize that the score was not as fine as he thought it was and he did not qualify for the mortgage he desired.

Identify a mortgage that fits your requirements 

Going to my bank because I’ve been a customer for ten years is not a smart choice. Banks have different departments and the mortgage has absolutely nothing to do with saving or checking accounts. Your bank will not provide you with a better deal just because you’ve saving accounts there.To purchase a property in Miami Brickell, you have to shop around and inquire about mortgage plans from different lenders. You can also apoint a licensed mortgage broker, who has decent business relations with banks and could provide you with better options.

For years, renting in Miami Brickell was considered much cheaper than buying. Though, it mightn’t always be the case anymore. The shifting real estate market means it might be cheaper to purchase than property rent in certain places like Brickell where the huge demand for rentals has changed the conversation.


There’re a bunch of reasons why investing in Brickell real estate makes sense and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Ensure you contact an experienced real estate agency in Brickell if you’ve any questions about the area or are considering investing in Miami Brickell. They will be available to assist you to navigate through all of your choices so that you can get started on making this great investment today.

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