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Check lates homes and condos for sale in Miami Coconut Grove area. Property investment in this part of Miami.
Apartments, mansions, luxury residences and offers for the most discerning investor and person in love with luxury real estate in Florida. Browse homes and condos for sale from Coconut Grove, Florida. Do you want to invest well in the United States? Be sure to consider Coconut Grove when buying a US home in Florida. Browse new property listings in Miami Coconut Grove for sale and for rent. Check also properties for sale in Miami Sunny Isles area in Miami.

Property For Sale in Miami, Coconut Grove – Great Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

If you are planning to invest in Coconut Grove Real estate, you are likely to try to figure out the best neighborhoods in Miami, FL, and which one would be the perfect fit for you. Favored by locals for its laid-back lifestyle, tropical beauty, and walkable blocks, Coconut Grove has the charming feel and intimacy of the suburbs, yet it is packed with a bunch of things to do and areas to dine in.

As the oldest neighborhood in Miami, this bayside community provides an eclectic mix of old and new, with chic boutiques, historic landmarks, marinas, and trendy restaurants. It is also a paradise for dog lovers, with several parks and establishments that welcome pooches at their sidewalk tables. And do not be surprised if you see colorful peacocks roaming the streets. Check also property in Coral Gables in Miami. 

The Grove, as it is called by the locals, is a prime location for families, thanks to its green area and plentiful parks, and its proximity to the University of Miami makes it a top option for college students. While seemingly tucked away in its world, Miami Coconut Grove is just a quick 25 minutes drive to glitzy South Beach.

Real estate in Miami Coconut Grove

The architecture of the area is very interesting as it’s varied and mixed with lush vegetation. Miami Coconut Grove is known for its tropical beauty – banyan trees, live oaks mingle, and palm trees along quiet residential streets. Coconut Grove is an extremely sought-after area of Miami, where you can find luxury condos, gate estates, townhomes, and lavish beachfront mansions.

The average price of flats in Miami Coconut Grove is currently $1,278,068 or approximately $569 each square foot, while the most expensive flats can reach 20 million or $1,987 each square foot. The location and quality of schooling make it a dream destination for several families and the quietness and cleanliness of the area are undeniable assets that favor the decision to invest.

Why Invest in Miami Coconut Grove Real Estate?

Single Family house market with huge demand 

The single-family houses for sale in Miami Coconut Grove are showing a healthy level of inventory and a steady price increase. The present inventory in Coconut Grove shows an average of ten months which indicated a week buyer’s market. The demand for houses is large. Several families want to raise their kids in this tranquil and safe area and they’d like to live near the finest private schools this country has to offer.

Several families that purchase Miami Coconut Grove real estate stay in their property for a longer time resulting in supply that is not always keeping up with the demand. Thinking of your future, we see the ever-increasing population in Brickell that at one moment in time will want to start a family and move into a family house. Many of these young professionals’ work is the most magical next step for these young professionals. The next generation of young families keeps the demand for homes in Coconut Grove high.

Great Outdoor Attractions

From playing in parks to strolls along Biscayan Bay to sailing the calm waters, outdoor activities about in Miami Coconut Grove. The city is home to the iconic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the luxury estate of industrialist John Deering. Ten acres of Italian-inspired garden of Roam Vizcaya, and course, you will have access to the main home filled with eye-popping art and antiques. Another local gem is The Barnacle History State park a bay front that’s home to scenic paths.

Or, explore The Kampong a serene botanical garden that is the former estate of well-known botanical explorer David Fairchild. You can spend your day discovering fascinating fruits and flowering plants in this sanctuary. Coconut Grove is ideally located on Biscayne Bay which means you can explore the area’s waterways by taking sailing lessons from Coral Gables Sailing Club or spend your day on the water with Sake-A-Leg Miami.

High-end living

Miami Coconut Grove is a small and laid-back town in Miami with a bohemian-chick vibe to it. The Grove is predominantly a single-family house market and provides a huge range of houses from cozy Bahamian, timber frames to multi-million dollar luxury mansions in waterfront and gated communities.
Coconut Grove is famous for its lush tree-lined streets. The center of Grove offers some vibrant restaurants and bars where Coconut Grove is famous for its lush vegetation and tree-lined streets. The Grove’s center offers some vibrant restaurants and bars where locals like to gather during the weekends.

Public transportation and parking 

Coconut Grove is a prime location for biking or walking, and if you don’t have your bike, you can rent one at one of 5 stations in the area. There is also the Coconut Grove, Trolley, which makes stops along grand Avenue, Peacock Park, and The Metro Rail Stations. The Metro rail will also take you from Coconut Grove to Downtown Miami and Brickell. If you are driving to the Grove, there’re numerous parking garages with paid street parking available.

Excellent Shopping and Entertainment 

Coconut Grove is a perfect shopping destination for those who love unique boutiques and high-end products. There’re several places to shop, including high-end shops, department stores, and trendy street wear boutiques. You will find all you need to dress up and adorn yourself in finery – evening-grown and comfortable everyday clothing. Whether you are looking for a new outfit or just a new inspiration, the city has what you need. One of the finest places to shop in Coconut Grove is the Coconut Grove Mall. It’s the biggest mall in South Florida and has more than 200 hundred restaurants and shops.


This 24/7 police-controlled area has been named the safest place in Miami by the Miami Dade Police. Partially because of its safe environment, the Grove is famous for its walk-ability. The core of the Grove centered around Coco walk – is house to several little boutiques, ice cream parlors, art galleries, and cozy little lunch areas and restaurants.

Good Public and Private Schools 

The Coconut Grove is home to some of Miami’s best public and private schools. Great place to rice a family in Miami.

Tips for Miami Coconut Grove Real Estate Inventors

When considering buying condos for sale in Miami Coconut Grove, there’re 2 strategies to consider. An investment property can become a rental or it can be resold after investing in upgrades. Either choice is viable given the neighborhood and the property options but it can be hard to decide which the ideal opportunity is for you given the circumstances. These tips, rental property, investing then reselling the property, and consulting with a professional give a fine overview of what to consider and who to discuss your options with.

Invest in Coconut Grove property as a rental opportunity to generate side income 

Houses for sale in Miami, Coconut Grove would work well as a rental opportunity. The neighborhood has a wonderful draw for elevated lifestyles and there’s a market for renters who want to try out the areas before they decide to purchase and make Grove their more permanent house. When purchasing a property to then rent, it is vital to consider your location, your ideal renter, and what your timeline would be in terms of a short or long-term lease.

A rental is a great investment in Coconut Grove real estate, but only if you consider the costs from the initial property purchase to the taxes, utilities, to any sort of upgrades or work that must be done to the property before you put it for rental. Rental options are wonderful options and are a great place for an investment property but there’s a lot of work and organization upfront before the property starts to have a profitable return.

Investing in property to resell 

Another great option when considering an investment property in Grove is buying a property that you can resell easily. These properties can be sold instantly after a few upgrades or sold later when there is a higher demand or more in-depth upgrades have been completed. This is a viable choice for those looking for something they can work and sell off, whereas with a rental you’ll own the property more long-term and interact with residents.
An investment property that you will resell is a fine choice if you’re looking for a project to put work into that’ll increase the value. You’d consider the purchase price=, the cost of upgrades, and the cost of upkeep until you make the sale down the line.

Consult a Real Estate Expert before buying a property 

No matter which investment property option you are considering, it is vital to consult with a real estate agency in Coconut Grove that knows the market trends. He knows which areas are more popular, which are better suited for rental venues, and the best properties to get you started.

End words…

If you’re interested in buying or renting a waterfront property in Miami, Coconut Grove, contact a reliable real estate agency in Coconut Grove for a list of available properties for sale in Miami Coconut Grove that meet your specific requirements. Our Real estate agents in Activa Realty office in Florida who’re experts in real estate in Miami, FL will carefully pick the properties that best suit your requirements and your budget.

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