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Browse for new houses, apartments, condos and multifamily investment properties in Miami Coral Gables area. We sell luxury homes in this part of Miami in Florida. The best Florida’s property market and great place to invest in Miami.
If you are planning to move to Florida, you frequently browse through listings from specialized real estate agents. You will probably find thousands real estate offers in major Florida cities. However, if you would like to move to a slightly quieter place, often with cheaper real estate offers, Coral Gables is one such city. Especially if you prefer Miami itself to live here.

Property For Sale In Miami Coral Gables In Florida, United States 

Coral Gables is a city in the South of Downtown Miami, Dade County, Florida, United States. It was incorporated in 1925, and the city’s founder George Merrick had a unique vision of the city.  Natives call the city “The Gables.” Coral Gables is dubbed “The City Beautiful.” Its beautiful mansions, tree-lined boulevards, and historical landmarks such as the famous Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool are well-known. This article is your go-to guide about Coral Gables, Florida. Most importantly, we will discuss property for sale in Miami Coral Gables and real estate in Miami Coral Gables in Florida. So continue reading if you are planning to relocate, visit or invest in Coral Gables. 

Why is Coral Gables, Florida a best place to live?

According to the US census bureau, the estimated population of Coral Gables, Florida, on July 1, 2021, was 48,375. The fantastic cultural scene and historic Mediterranean Revival architecture make Coral Gables City Beautiful.  You will be exposed to several astounding attractions in Coral Gables, such as Miracle Mile, which is well known for shopping and dining. Also, the famous “University of Miami” is located in Coral Gables. Coral Gables offers you old-world charm with its several plazas, fountains, and picturesque corners. You will find fascinating recreation amenities, historical landmarks, parks, and tennis courts in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida.

As the city is centrally located, you can easily find famous places. Its nearby places include Miami International Airport, Port Miami, Miami Beach, and several other places. The city offers you a versatile cultural scene such as Actors Playhouse. Meanwhile, museums in Coral Gables focus on hosting famous events, architecture and design, and urban planning. The economic situation is excellent in the city. The median household income in 2016-2020 was $103,999. Now it is home to more than 100 multinational companies, so you can easily find jobs for yourself if you have the experiences and expertise required. Below are some points showing why Coral Gables is a best place to live.


Crime rate shows whether a place is safe or not. For the past years, the crime rate in the city has tremendously decreased, and It has been the safest city in Miami-Dade County.

Cost of Living 

Coral Gables is expensive compared to many other US cities. Several expenditures include food, housing, transportation, healthcare, utilities, etc. Remember, a household composition like single or married and ownership status owning and renting affect your expenses. Yes, costs on certain things are higher, but the after-tax median income in Coral Gables is $3737, which is enough to cover your living expenses for nearly 1.9 months. The cost of living is not something you should be concerned about because income tax in Florida is generally meager. Also, only certain things are more expensive. 

Best Attractions

The city has many beautiful attractions, from parks to museums and theatres. Families would love to visit attractions like Matheson Hammock Park and Venetian Pool. Moreover, you will find various sports attractions in the city, including kiteboarding, tennis, biking, boating, and many others. Beautiful trees and plants further add to the city’s beauty and help you enjoy outdoor activities in nature. 


Florida Is known for its famous beaches. Miami Beach is one such beach, and it takes barely 15 minutes to reach there. So if you are a beach lover, Coral Gables is the best place to live. You can also look for waterfront properties for sale in Miami Coral Gables.


Like the rest of Florida, Coral Gables does not have winter weather. The city sees the sun most often, but precipitation will increase to nearly ten inches in some summer months when it rains. Tornadoes and storms are rare here. Thus, you can enjoy stable weather in all four seasons in this part of Florida.


Education in Coral Gables is outstanding. Students can take admissions to top schools and study in a great environment. The University of Miami is a real example of how advanced and sound is the education system in Coral Gables. 

Coral Gables Florida Housing Market

The housing market of Coral Gables, Florida, is competitive. In July 2022, the median home price sold in Coral Gables was $920K, while $1.3 million was the median listing home price. At the same time, the per square foot home price was $726. On average, houses for sale in Miami Coral Gables receive 7 offers and are sold after 36 days. The selling price ranges from $1.2K to $39.5M. If you want to buy or rent homes, let us suggest some best neighborhoods in Coral Gables. Some best neighborhoods in the city are Central Gables, Granada, and the Country Club Section.

Miami Coral Gables property for sale
Miami Coral Gables property for sale

The July 2022 stats show that Coral Gables is currently a seller’s market, meaning that more people are looking to buy a limited number of homes in Coral Gables.

The Coral Gables housing market is diverse. From one angle, you can look for luxury properties for sale in Miami Coral Gables. On the other side, you can also find condos in Miami Coral Gables and apartments for sale in Miami Coral Gables. Even if your budget is a little bit low, you can find the right home for yourself.

Real Estate In Miami Coral Gables in Florida 

As clearly shown by data, Coral Gables real estate is competitive. There are lots of real estate options in Coral Gables. If you want to invest in commercial properties, you can find commercial properties for sale in Miami Coral Gables as well. So, whether you are looking for townhouses for sale in Miami Coral Gables, Waterfront properties, condos, and apartments, the city has got you covered. The city has extensive facilities to offer you lots of unique attractions. It’s time to consider investing in the city and look for real estate agencies in Coral Gables. The good part is, don’t go elsewhere; Activa Realty is here to help you.

Rental Properties in Miami Coral Gables 

If you have dreamed of living in a house and your budget is not suitable to buy houses for sale in Miami Coral Gables, then look for rental properties. They are a great place to live with enough space. The average monthly rent of a house in Coral Gables ranges from $1400 and $5,610. Of course, this is an average estimation; it can be less or more expensive depending upon various factors.

Famous Attractions in Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables is a city in the Miami metropolitan area home to more than six million residents. Regardless of your budget or interests, you will not find it hard to find the best attractions in Coral Gables or things to do in Coral Gables. The city has lovely beaches, artistic attractions, cultural attractions, amazing retail facilities, and charming nature. Below are 12 things to do in Coral Gables.

1. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens is one of the top tourist destinations in the city. It is situated on Old Cutler Road in Coral Gables with 90 acres of beautiful land. Some amenities in the garden include an onsite laboratory, learning, a museum, etc. Also, some famous events are there, such as the International Chocolate Festival.  

2. Coral Gables Merrick House

Located on Coral Way in Coral Gables, the Merrick House was built in 1906. It is open to the public and has been a historic site since the early 70s. It has lots of housewares, furniture and period art. The property is available for people twice a week and is led by knowledgeable people. Thus, it’s a perfect place to learn about history.

3. Coral Gables Museum

The Coral Gables Museum is located on Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables and comprises thousands of square feet. In Museum galleries, you can see different types of art pieces and historical items. Also, the outdoor public area in the museum is marvelous. 

4. Shops at Merrick Park

If you want to buy something special for someone or yourself or do a little shopping, then the shops at Merrick Park are for you. Like other cities in Florida, Coral Gables helps you experience incredible things in life. Shops at Merrick Park feature top international brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co. Lastly, there are many dining places where you can enjoy your favorite foods.

5. Actors Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre

Actors Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre was founded in 1988 and is the premier community performing arts. It features year-round productions liked by numerous visitors. There is something for everyone. You can also book tickets for standup comedy, severe dramas, and children’s productions.

6. Lowe Art Museum

You will find The Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami, containing nearly 20,000 items. It is one of the most visited and largest art destinations in Florida. The exhibits in the museum have pieces from Africa, Asia, the European Renaissance, and South and North America.It also depicts the native Americans. That’s why guests love its variety. Stroll around the campus and then visit the diverse Lowe Art Museum at Coral Gables, Florida. 

7. The Biltmore Hotel

George Merrick, also known as Coral Gables founder, was a young developer who built today’s popular Baltimore Hotel in 1926. It is one of the iconic landmarks of Coral Gables. The hotel’s luxurious and must-visit destination includes glorious architecture, tropical landscaping, and top-quality service. The hotel is more than 150 acres. By just visiting this single destination, you are sure to have some memorable experiences there.

8. Coral Gables Art Cinema

Coral Gables Art Cinema has located in downtown Coral Gables, Miami’s best art-house cinema. This state-of-the-art theater opened in October of 2010. It screens foreign and indie films in a modern screening room with 144-seat. You can also watch documentaries, join film festivals and special programs in the cinema. 

9. Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile in Downtown Coral Gables is one of South Florida’s amazing shopping destinations. Fabulous shops, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and live theatre. Shopping lovers can find many things in Miracle Mile, including home furnishings, jewelry, unique shops, salons, and spas. The quality of shopping items and food here is amazing. You can also have your favorite dinner in some fantastic restaurants here. 

10. Giralda Plaza

You will find great, improved-lighting quality restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques in Giralda Plaza. It is pedestrian-only, which means you can enjoy your walk with charming scenery. If you are thinking of having outdoor dining, you may also visit Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables. Moreover, you can also find houses for sale in Coral Gables in this area. If it sounds like a good place, why not look for some options and invest in real estate in Miami Coral Gables in Florida?

11. Old Cutler Trail

Old Cutler Trail is a 13.7-mile trail where you will find some of the stunning neighborhoods of greater Miami, under beautiful ficus trees and banyans.  Some popular stops on the way include Fairchild Tropical Garden, Matheson Hammock Park, and Pinecrest Gardens. The trail is best for individuals and families who want to enjoy a fantastic walk or ride under beautiful trees.

12. Venetian Pool

One of the prime attractions in Coral Gables is the Venetian Pool. No doubt, it is a unique facility for all the family. The Venetian Pool is one of the main tourist attractions in Coral Gables as a unique facility for all the family. Fed by spring water from an underground aquifer, it is refilled daily with over 820,000 gallons of water. Hundreds of people have had fun experiences in the fool. If you are a pool lover, don’t forget to visit the Venetian Pool at Coral Gables. 


Coral Gables is an excellent place to call home. Among other facilities, it is also home to the renowned University of Miami and The Baltimore Hotel. It is a great place to live because of its safety, affordable cost of living, beaches, attractions, and education. Real estate in Coral Gables is solid, which means you can look for properties for sale in Miami Coral Gables. Thus, it is a city with lots of unique attractions and numerous things to offer.

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