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Most exclusive part of Miami. Luxury homes for sale from Activa Realty. Search with us for your dream home in Miami Florida. Check latest property listings and opportunities to own a piece of paradise in this part of Miami. Condos, villas, luxury single family houses for sale in Miami Fisher Island.

Fisher Island is a census-designated place in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It is a 216-acre private Island with a population of 647 as of 2022. The Island was primarily a piece of land in Biscayne Bay with lots of mangroves and Palms. Later, Carl Fisher, founder and developer of Miami Beach purchased it from Dana Dorsey. 

Fisher Island is for you if you want to live on an Island, have easy access to beaches and privacy, and want your neighbors to be celebrities and famous personalities. But of course, you need to have lots of money to look for houses for sale on Fisher Island. We will talk more about it later. Thus, in this blog post, we will cover the property for sale on Fisher Island, Real estate on Fisher Island, and a lot more about this luxurious place.

Is Miami Fisher Island A Good Place To Live?

The quick answer is it definitely is, as Fisher Island is a place that can exceed your expectations with its elegance and beauty. But before looking for homes for sale on Fisher Island, you want to know if it is a great place to live. Let’s find out. Fisher Island is an exclusive private community located just North of the Port of Miami and off Miami’s Beach Southern tip. The place is home to many wealthy people, celebrities, and industry heads, including Boris Becker, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Andre Agassi, Sharon Gless, Mike Fratello, Harold Ford, and many others. It is home to about 700 families. But only a third of them live there year-round. The remaining enjoy a few pleasant months on this amazing Island every year. Residents say one of the best things about living on Fisher Island is its robust security. 

Amenities in Fisher Island 

The best amenities in Fisher Island Club include a hotel and resort, seaside golf courses, tennis courts, a private beach, a top-quality spa, a beach club, a marina, lounges, and restaurants. The services are exceptional on the Island. So, Fisher Island has many amenities to enjoy and benefit from. All these create a charming lifestyle for you, making the Island an ideal place to invest.

Transportation in Fisher Island 

The primary mode of transportation on the Island is by golf cart. It is a great way to enjoy the Island’s beauty and relax. The ferry is the main transportation to get to and from the Island. It is very efficient. You may also use your private helicopter or boat for transport. But remember to come to this Island, you need to plan it, book a ferry for yourself, and do security clearance.

Nearby Places In Fisher Island 

From the mainland, the Island is just minutes away, but It is only accessible 24 hours via ferry service and private yacht or helicopter. The nearby places of Fisher Island include Downtown Miami, Miami International Airport, Port of Miami, and Ocean Drive, which is on the South Beach area where you can shop, dine and entertain yourself. 

The Island Is Luxurious and Beautiful 

You will get exclusive views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami skyline, and the Atlantic Ocean from the luxury residences of Fisher Island. Gardens and lawns are beautiful, with plants and palm trees. All of the Island looks charming and luxurious. 

Landmarks on Fisher Island

Most of Fisher Island’s buildings are condo complexes in a similar style. Because of their similarity to the Mediterranean Revival Style, they are also called “Spanish Mansions”. The most stunning feature of these condos is clay-shingle Spanish roofs. Vanderbilt Mansion is the most famous structure on Fisher Island. It is currently a historic landmark of Miami-Dade County. It matches the style of the condo and can also be rented for important events and weddings.

Miami Fisher Island property for sale
Miami Fisher Island property for sale

Private Clubs and Beaches

The Fisher Island Club is a prominent feature of the Island. People who own property there have the availability of equity membership. You will have to make a one-time payment of $250,000 and $22,000 in annual fees to gain its membership. As a member of Fisher Island Club, you will get discounts and benefits when shopping, dining, marina, or joining the golf club on Fisher Island. Other benefits include access to tennis courts, beach club and private beach, Vanderbilt Hotel pool, and other facilities. Even Though the number of outsider memberships is limited, you can buy a membership of Fisher Island Club without being a resident or owning a property. Besides, the club has an entire staff that serves residents in the most pleasing way.

Access and Exclusivity

Fisher Island is a private community of a few hundred without road connections. Even if you own a boat, firstly, you will have to take permission to use it. Many residents have private ferries from the mainland for current and prospective residents. It is a ride of not more than 8 minutes. Also, there is a ferry that serves all the residents 24/7. People who are not residents, like prospective residents, staff, and guests, of Fisher Island, need security approval to travel there. Check also Miami Hibiscus Island properties for sale in Miami area.

Shopping and Dining

Fisher Island provides its residents with top quality shopping and dining experience. Many condo complexes also have sit-in and take-out restaurants for customers. You will also find restaurants at the beach club.Moreover, in the center of the Island, there is also a market where you can get grocery items. Also, many other shops are selling different items.

The Climate on Fisher Island

Fisher Island’s fantastic climate is another important thing that attracts wealthy and well-known people here. You can enjoy up to 200 hours of sunshine every year. August is the island’s rainiest month, with nearly 20 rainy days.

Real Estate in Fisher Island, Florida 

Fisher Island real estate is diverse, even though the number of homes for sale on Fisher Island is limited. The real estate types in Fisher Island include condos, apartments, townhouses, and single and multi-family homes. You can also look for commercial properties in Fisher Island, FL. The number of houses sold on Fisher Island changes from time to time. Their prices range from $2,150,000 to $26,000,000. On average, a house is sold within 71 days. But it changes. The median listing price for a property in Fisher Island or homes for sale in Fisher Island is $7.9M. Most of the homes sell quickly. If you want to buy a property on the Island, look for it and do so soon because homes for sale in Fisher Island, FL, are becoming fewer, and prices may rise.

Most of Fisher Island’s real estate consists of condos on the shore with ocean views. You can find both multi-family homes and single-family homes. Penthouses are the most expensive properties on Fisher Island, having top-class views, high ceilings, and multiple stories. All condos are set up differently. You will have beach access on the eastern complexes and boast marina access on the southern complexes. Some well-known complexes on the Island include Bayside Village, Bayview Village, Harborview, Marina Village, Oceanside, Palazzo del Mare, Palazzo del Sol, Seaside Village, and Valencia Estates. 

Real Estate Agencies in Fisher Island, Florida 

If you want to invest in real estate in Fisher Island or buy a home for yourself, we have you covered. On our website, you can search for fantastic properties for sale on Fisher Island. As an experienced professional, our real estate agent will help you in the best way. Our expert real estate agents in Fisher Island will answer all queries about properties, neighborhoods, facilities, and houses on Fisher Island.  You can find your dream homes in Fisher Island with the help of Activa Realty.  We can also help you get the price for the properties in Fisher Island that you want to sell. Activa Realty makes everything easy for you.

Apartments For Rent in Fisher Island, Florida 

If you are looking for property for rent on Fisher Island, we will help you find the best deals. Even though an exclusive rich community resides on the Island, you can still find rental apartments and condos on Fisher Island. The median rental price for a property in Fisher Island is $19,000. You can find rental properties readily available most of the time. Moreover, you can also look for apartments for rent in Fisher Islands neighborhoods such as OceanFront, Edge Water, Brickell, and  Flamingo-Lummus. The nearby cities of Fisher Island include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

Miami Fisher Island is a great place to live with its exceptional amenities and safety. If you are a beach and sunshine lover, then the Island is for you. Fisher Island is only an exclusive community; people here are rich and famous. If you have money, you may look for property for sale on Fisher Island because it’s honestly expensive real estate. But the best point is that investing in this real estate can yield the best return. We hope this blog post was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for homes for sale in Fisher Island, FL?

Don’t worry because you are precisely in the place where you can search for homes for sale on Fisher Island. You can look at everything, including property type, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built, and lot size.

What is the median price for homes for sale in Fisher Island, FL?

The median sale price for a home in Fisher Island was $2,902,272 last month.

How quickly do homes sell in Fisher Island, FL?

71 days

How safe is Fisher Island, FL?

Fisher Island is very safe. The crime per 1000 residents in Miami Beach is less than 2% of the cities in Florida.

Is Fisher Island, FL, neighborly / family-friendly?

Yes, it is neighbor friendly as 87% of the homes in Fisher Island are owner-occupied. 

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