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Search for latest property deals from this area of great Miami in Florida. Are you international investor searching for great property deals? We have fantastic apartments, houses and condos for sale in Miami Key Biscayne area.
Have you heard, the opinion that a trip to Florida without visiting Miami Key Biscayne is incomplete? Key Biscayne is a district of Miami situated on an islet bordering the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of Biscayne Bay. It is Key Biscayne that is commonly referred to as “The Island Paradise”. One of the best places to own luxury real estate in Florida state and in city of Miami.

Property for sale in Miami Key Biscayne in Florida

Key Biscayne is a few cable lengths away from Miami and the mainland, tropical Miami Key Biscayne is only accessible through the Rickenbacker Causeway. Once on the island, most people golf drive golf carts – which can simply navigate the narrow streets – to visit the state partly or take a leisurely ride along the stunning sandy beaches. Miami Key Biscayne’s sweetness and laid-back atmosphere seduce all of Miami’s elite. While the street might be narrow, the fine dining experience, the shopping malls and shops, and leisure activities keep life on the island entertaining.

According to the Quarter 1 and Q2 2020 reports, there were more condos for sale in Miami Key Biscayne available this year compared to the previous year. This is great news for real estate investors, who’ll have more freedom to pick the right property and negotiate a deal. Concerning villas, 2020 is off to a superbly solid start. Indeed, the market registered 33 sales during the first 7 months of 2020, marking an annualized sales volume over the 55 homes sold.  But not to worry – as a buyer, you can still make a fine deal and negotiate. For instance, in 2019, investing in real estate in Miami Key Biscayne in Florida got, on average a 15 percent discount from the actual price.

Real estate in Miami Key Biscayne

The real estate market in Miami Key Biscayne is some of the most sought-after in the Miami area. The northern end of town is diamond by high-rise condos and apartments offering resort-style amenities and lavish residencies, while the more suburban-feeling south is where you will find large single-family houses for sale in Miami Key Biscayne.

The most desirable and expensive properties are waterfront properties, offering locals boat docking and access to the open ocean. Let’s take a look at some of Miami Key Biscayne’s most sought-after condo buildings.

  • Oceana Miami Key Biscayne – It is a luxury building fronting the ocean and made by a world-renowned architectural firm with 142 condos for sale in Miami Key Biscayne and 12 adjacent luxury properties for sale in Miami Key Biscayne of 2 to 5 bedroom units. Oceana is situated in Miami Key Biscayne near the gold course and restaurants. Modern amenities include gate entry, 500ft of private beach, a spa, fitness center, a tennis court, and 24hr concierge service.
  • Mashta Island – This is one of the most prestigious areas on Miami Key Biscayne with some of the best views. Indeed the Western side of the Island features direct bay front views, while the eastern side overlooks Hurricane Harbor. Here, most houses feature open floor plans with in-ground pools. This area is quiet and lushly landscaped.
  • Ocean Towers 1 and 2 – These towers built in 2001 and 2002, give way to stunning views of the ocean. Rising 15 and 16 stories, respectively, they each house 111 condos of 3-4 bedrooms. Both towers are part of the Ocean Club and provide residents with several amenities including 25,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor recreation with tennis courts, spa and fitness center, pools, and direct beach access.

Why property in Miami Key Biscayne?

Miami Key Biscayne
Miami Key Biscayne

Ideal Place to Live 

According to the National Council for safety and home security, Miami Key Biscayne is ranked number in Florida. It is a very safe town with a low crime rate. According to a recent study from the FBI, the total crime rate in Miami Key Biscayne is about 72 percent lower than the National rate and approximately 73 percent lower than the rest of the state. Most of Miami’s preferred residential places are extremely safe and this is certainly not something to worry about when thinking of investing in Miami Key Biscayne. This is one of Miami’s most family-friendly neighborhoods and safety is not a problem.

Parks and Green space

Miami Key Biscayne is a natural, largely unspoiled paradise with loads of green space, lush mangrove forests, and native beaches where you can enjoy waterfront activities such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, or kite surfing. 2 amazing parks cover much of the Miami Key Biscayne coastline – Crandon Park and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, including the iconic lighthouse. These 2 areas which extend into one another provide miles of beautiful bike trails and hiking as well as huge options for outdoor recreation.

Walkability and Transportation

If you like to bike or walk, both islands are winners in this regard. Miami Key Biscayne maintains a small-town feel and had always been one of Miami’s walkable neighborhoods with locals often using their bikes to get around the neighborhood. Though Miami Key Biscayne is about 7 miles from the mainland, it is fairly simple to get to other places of the city. There’re also locals but lines that serve Miami Key Biscayne, and the Key Free Shuttle is an ideal way to get around on the island. Though Miami Key Biscayne is a walking able community, you will probably want a vehicle to get to and from the island if you work or spend lots of time on the mainland.

Cost of Living

When choosing an apartment for sale in Miami Key Biscayne to live in, the cost of living is a big consideration. The cost of living in the town is lower than the national average and most cities in the state. While some areas can be higher than many others on a state or federal level, the overall average housing costs utilities, transportation, grocery items, medical and health care, and miscellaneous good and services are less expensive.

High Quality of Life

When you talk about the life quality in this island community, you’ll easily see that it’s a few notches above the quality of life are other communities nearby. Commuting to work from here takes less than half an hour, the unemployment rate is in the single digits, and even the number of jobs in Key Biscayne is expected to see an upward trend in the next couple of years. This is what makes it a wonderful place for a townhouse for sale in Miami Key Biscayne, particularly if you’re looking to relocate and find a great job at the same time. If you’re in the market for both home and commercial properties for sale, this community should be on the top of your list of places to 

Why Buy a Home in Miami Key Biscayne, FL so affordable today?

Though, multiple factors drive the overall equation, the one that is playing the largest plant in today’s real estate investing affordability is historically low mortgage rates. Based on this primary factor, we can see that it is super affordable to buy condos, homes, and apartment today than at any time in the last 8 years. If you are considering buying your 1st home or commercial property, it is vital to understand how affordability plays into the overall cost of your house. With that in mind, buying while mortgage rates are as low as they are now might save you quite a bit of money over the life of your property loan.

Is the real estate market in Miami Key Biscayne the right place to invest?

Yes, Miami Key Biscayne is a wonderful place to invest. Miami Key Biscayne ranks well in a combination of factors and diversity. The town truly has something for all, and that is why it is a great place to call home. Ultimately, what makes a wonderful city to live in is subjective. Some people might prefer a smaller city with a tight-knit community, while others might prefer a bigger city with more options. The important thing is that a city provides what its residents need and want. If a city has everything a person is looking for, it can be an ideal place to invest real estate market in Miami Key Biscayne. There’re a lot of factors that make a city a fine place to live. 

Wrap up…

We can help you find rental properties for sale in Miami Key Biscayne and real estate deals in Miami Key Biscayne. Through the years, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients in finding, condos, apartments, houses, townhouses, and commercial properties within the area. Us our newly organized system, we can also help you access several new listings that’ll meet your living standards and financial profile. We also coordinate with many real estate developers within Miami Key Biscayne in marketing their projects through our wide network of new and repeated clients.

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