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Activa realty services for investors and first time buyers in Florida. Condos for sale in Palm Beach, family houses and luxury villas for sale in Palm Beach area in Florida. Check latest property listings for sale and house for rent in Palm Beach. Browse our website to find your dream home in Florida Palm Beach county. The most desirable locations to own a house in Florida. Also check our property news section to learn about Florida’s property market. Get more informations about Palm Beach property market in south east Florida.

Property overlooking the warm ocean and next to the beach. Browse the latest deals from Palm Beach, Florida. In this section you will find apartments and “american condos” overlooking the ocean and the best real estate locations in this beautiful area of ​​South Florida. Check current Florida vacation property sale offers from Palm Beach – Florida.
By reading or watching movies that feature Florida or visiting that sunny state – “Sunshine State” in the USA.

Buy or rent property in Palm Beach

Surely you have thought more than once what it would be like to be here for a longer time. Have you been wondering whether to rent or buy an apartment or a luxury villa and enjoy the charms of the south-eastern part of the United States? The weather only inspires you to think like this, because it is here that the sun can shine 360 ​​days a year. Maybe it is worth planning a vacation in Florida and, for example, renting a villa for a vacation or renting an apartment for a vacation in Florida online.

The perfect climate of Southern Florida

One of the most exclusive cities in Florida is Palm Beach in the county of the same name. The temperatures in winter do not fall below 15 degrees Celsius here, and in summer they do not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. Great weather, beautiful beaches of Florida, crystal clear water are not all you will find here. Palm Beach is considered to be very beautiful and one of the most luxurious cities in entire Florida peninsula.
Palm Beach is Florida’s easternmost point located on a spit island separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway – Inner Coastal Waterway. It is here that you will find the popular Breakers Hotel, Four Arts Gardens, the Villa Mar-A-Lago and the Whitehall Palace, which houses the Flagler Museum in Florida.

In addition to having fun on beautiful Florida’s beaches, in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic ocean, visiting the Flagler Museum, or other numerous tourist facilities, people who would like to move here will probably be interested in the local infrastructure in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach area. If you have children, you will be able to send them to one of the good schools, such as the private Palm Beach Day Academy or the public Palm Beach Public Elementary School. Given the proximity to West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, the number of colleges and universities available in these neighboring cities will also increase.

American celebrities love Palm Beach

Many famous american personalities live or have lived in Palm Beach area. One of them is entrepreneur, billionaire and developer Donald Trump. Another famous person is the famous singer Rod Stewart. Michael Jackson and John Lennon also lived here for a short time in the past. A person historically associated with Florida and Palm Beach itself was entrepreneur Henry Morrison Flagler, whose residence can be visited to this day, and he was a significant figure in the development of the entire Florida peninsula. There is so many streets in Florida named after Henry Flagler.

There are many real estate agencies offering condos, houses and apartments for sale or for rent (short or long term) in Palm Beach. If you search well, you will also find cheap properties, compared to most, from around $ 250,000 for a small studio or apartment for renovation. If you were looking for a high-end property, you would find it too, you just need to add a few zeros to your budget. Huge, luxurious mansions right by the ocean can cost up to $ 50 million and up. All in all, no wonder, so close to the Atlantic Ocean, in such a luxurious neighborhood, residences on 12,000 sq ft of space with eight bedrooms and bathrooms, swimming pool and other luxury goods must cost so much money.

Condo or apartment as an investment in Palm Beach

However, if you search, you will find correspondingly cheaper, equally luxurious villas or condos, in other words, apartments. Condo is used in the United States to denote an apartment, as opposed to an apartment number, then we would use the word apartment. If you search a little, you will find real property gems in the area.

One such luxury, but cheaper property, may be a villa – an Italian-style mansion, built in 2001, on 9,510 sqft of space. It has six bedrooms and an amazing number of bathrooms, as many as twelve. Property owners can enjoy a plot of more than half an acre and, as befits a luxury property, a swimming pool. The residence is beautifully finished, there are high ceilings, beautiful floors and interesting vaults, it’s impossible not to notice what class this property is. You will probably ask for the price? It currently costs $ 32 million, which seems to be a reasonable price compared to other properties that can triple this amount.

Another, maybe more interesting, cheaper residence is the mansion right by the ocean, with an area of ​​6766 sq ft. The villa was built in 2003 and impresses with the quality of its finish. The first thing that comes to mind about this residence is prestige and luxury in it. Spacious rooms, very high ceilings, huge windows, private elevator, private swimming pool, large garage, and many other amenities, which cannot all be mentioned, are just the beginning. The residence has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The property can be purchased fully furnished. This property, literally a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean and the sandy beach. You can have for just 19 million 500 thousand dollars on today’s property market.

Finding a good deal on Palm Beach property market

Are you interested in cheaper real estate or simply prefer a luxury condo in an elegant apartment building to a huge mansion? You will also find something for yourself in the real estate listings in Palm Beach. An apartment of 1740 sqft awaits you in Atriums Palm Beach, overlooking the ocean and direct access to the beach.
The building was built in 1979, but the apartment has new tiles on the floor. The condo has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, it is not as spacious as the previously described properties, but it cannot be accused of being too small property. Around the master bedroom is a balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean. If you are interested in this apartment, you will surely enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, tennis court and gym for residents. The reception is open 24 hours a day. This apartment costs $ 700,000. The price is comparable to the prices of luxury properties from other cities, but the immediate proximity to the beach and the Atlantic Ocean can prevail, right?

Another nice condo to buy in Palm Beach, right on the ocean front is a popular condo property on Ocean Blvd., with ocean views from every room. The property, on 1116 sqft of floor space, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A boat dock, parking lot and swimming pool await the owner of the condo. There is a reception desk at the bottom of the building, the property is secured 24 hours a day. The building is from 1970 and the apartment costs 399,000 dollars. Does it seem like a small price compared to the prices of the most expensive residences?

Real estate agencies in Palm Beach

The recent property listings of real estate agencies in Florida are full of mansions and apartments for sale, cheaper and more expensive properties, mega-luxurious or just luxurious. But it has to be admitted, that real estate prices have decreased due to the economic crisis of 2009. The crisis has led to lower demand for real estate in Florida, and property investors are less willing to take out loans to buy luxury goods. Real estate in Florida is more and more eagerly bought by wealthy Europeans and residents of highly developed Asian countries. Check out also the weather in Palm Beach, Florida.

Purchased real estate in Florida can be an investment for the future, to be able to sell it in a few years time, or property as a rental investment or property for personal use. No matter for what purpose you would like to buy a luxury property or apartment in Florida, whether you intend to stay here all your life or just a few days a year, buying real estate in Florida can start the most beautiful adventure in your life.

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