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Latest houses for sale in Palmetto Bay in southern Florida area. Activa Realty property listing. Advice on the best locations for lucrative property investment in state of Florida. Miami and other locations in south east. Check also all locations and communities where we sale homes in Florida in United States.

Property for Sale in Palmetto Bay in Florida

Palmetto Bay is a small community in Florida. The incorporated town is made up of 2 neighborhoods, East Perrine and Cutler, and is also known as the town of Palmetto Bay and borders Pine Crest to the north. The neighborhood was devastated by Hurricane Andrew which hit the town in 1992, but it has developed into a vibrant and lush community. Located on Biscayne Bay, the community provides residents with a unique living experience with easy access to various marinas. Palmetto Bay is known for its big lot and home sizes. The average home in Palmetto Bay measures 2,822 square feet. The median square feet however show 2,667ft which makes Palmetto Bay homes the 2nd largest home in our study. In this particular study, the median might be a good measurement as it takes the extremely large multi-million dollar homes, which we often find in other areas, out of the equation. Lot sizes also rank as the 2nd largest. When we check the prices for each square foot in Palmetto Bay we see sharp contrast with the desired neighborhoods. The smallest difference is a $100 square feet gape with Pine Crest.

Real Estate market Palmetto Bay in Florida

Located on a sparkling bay, Palmetto Bay has a wonderful beach and a reef shore that is perfect for snorkeling – and the on-site drive center caters to all the requirements of snorkelers and divers. The waters are perfect for a host of water sports, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing. For real estate investors considering investing in the Palmetto Bay real estate market in Palmetto Bay in Florida, there’re several lots of land and houses for sale in Palmetto Bay almost footsteps from the white sand beach.

Relatively affordable, luxury properties for sale in Palmetto Bay offers decent value for money compared with other destitutions. A selection of amenities is available including a pool, private dock, lush nature, bar, and restaurants. Palmetto Bay is considered a 1st option community for raising a family and building a business. The area has a blend of rural, old FL charm, and urban sophistication. A quick-growing area, with a unique balance between quality of life and growth! A balance that’s brought about the community’s involvement in making Palmetto Bay town reflect the best of South Florida’s present, past, and future. The average cost of Palmetto Bay houses for sale in Palmetto Bay range between $518,600 and $3,996,000. Homeowners can expect to find whole the amenities that are essential for lavish living. Palmetto Bay has grown into a confident community that is become one of the finest options for raising a family in Miami, FL.

One of the key selling points of investing in Palmetto Bay real estate is that it provides residents a mix of both rural and urban living tanks to its old Floridian charm that makes it a super attractive choice for several potential property owners. Some of the amenities that are included in the apartment for sale in Palmetto Bay include large sprawling park systems that are made up of 5 smaller parks and 2 country facilities. The parks provide a range of recreational activities. Residents also get simple to access retail shops and restaurants through the South Dixie Highway. In several ways, Palmetto Bay leads the way in offering an ideal spot for family living.

Why buy property in Palmetto Bay in Florida

Palmetto Bay
Palmetto Bay

Low Property Taxes

Property taxes might be a big burden on your early restate estate costs. The property tax in the town is 1.83 percent (as of 2017). To this into perspective Miami charges 2.18 percent, Coral Gables 1.91 percent, and Miami Beach 1.94 percent. Besides, the property tax percentage being relatively low, owners of Palmetto Bay condos for sales pay fewer taxes as the values of the homes or lower, and thus the taxes are lower.

Historical and environmental ties

Deering estate, located on a 444-acre preservation site on Biscayne Bay, has historical, archaeological, and environmental ties – and if you live in Palmetto Bay, it is right in your backyard. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for residents to see all kinds of wildlife roaming right in their neighborhood.

Many New Properties from the 90s and after

In 1992 Miami FL was hit by a hurricane and it was unfortunately on its destructive path. The damages done by Andrew resulted in several homeowners rebuilding their houses from the ground up. For this reason, Palmetto Bay townhouses for sale in Palmetto Bay are quite new which is often desired by investors.

Great Schools 

Palmetto Bay’s private and public schools are top-rated and provide better educational opportunities for kids from preschool up through the high school.

Great Parks

Palmetto Bay is a house to some gorgeous parks, one of the most beautiful parks in the area is the Coral Reef Park with more than fifty acres of open green areas, preserved areas, pine land, and a tranquil streaming canal the park is centrally located for playing walking, reading, picnicking and relaxing. Coral Reef host free outdoor movies for residents throughout the year, tennis programs, and workout classes. Residents also come to the beach for volleyball on the white sand court, exercise trail, or just for meals and refreshments at the Parkside Cade.

Large Lot Space 

It is difficult to come to a lot of space when looking for an urban home, but Palmetto Bay provides just that. A lot of space right where you want it. Very close enough to the heartbeat of the town with enough area for you and the whole family.

Extremely Family Oriented

Of course, we’ve the large townhouses for sale in Palmetto Bay, the big lots, and the presence of fine schools and parks, but the town is also very safe. The area is home to several families with kids. Our lots of Palmetto Bay clients live here with their kids, for further details on wanting to buy an apartment or property feel free to ask any question. Our real estate will guide you all and provide all the essential information you want to know.

A booming area 

Bear in mind when Pine crest was seen as out of the direction and the fewer siblings of Coral Gables. Well in case you’d have bought in five years ago, you’d now be sitting on a gold mine. As Miami’s traditionally desired locations such as Grove and the Coral Gables are getting increasingly exclusive and expensive, several buyers are looking further areas. Several older houses were rebuilt into elegant and modern mansions and prices almost doubled. With Pine Crest now being less and less affordable, what area will be next to boom? We can see that the sales prices square feet are continually increasing and the months of inventory are showing a well-balanced market. A market with six to nine months of inventory is a balanced market, while below six months of inventory we speak of a seller market in which there’s more demand than supply. An inventory of 9-plus months is an investor’s market with more supply than demand. An investor’s market might lead to price reductions, while a seller’s market is most likely to result in rising prices. The Palmetto Bay real estate market mostly shows signs of a neutral market.

Rental properties in Palmetto Bay

  • The average rent in Palmetto Bay is $2,334. When you rent an apartment in Palmetto Bay, you can expect to pay as little as $2,060 or as much as $3,450, depending on the area and size of the apartment.
  • The average rent for a studio apartment in Palmetto Bay is $2,060 each month.
  • The average rent for a single-bedroom apartment in the town is $2,360 each month.
  • The average rent for 2 bedroom apartment in the town is $3,330 each month
  • The average rent for 3-bedroom apartments in Palmetto Bay is $3,450 each month.

Things to do in Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay is a vibrant community of more than 26,000 residents who enjoy its elegant surroundings and family-oriented atmosphere. Located immediately west of beautiful Biscayne Bay, Palmetto Bay provides unique recreational options and bay access for all to enjoy! Additionally, Palmetto Bay is home to fine schools, all of which have annually earned the grade A under Florida’s A+ plan, and also exceptional private schools. Residents enjoy the advantages of an extensive park system composed of 6 park facilities offering a myriad of opportunities ranging from active to passive, recreation to preservation, ground activities to water recreation, and a soon-to-be-constructed library. You can buy commercial properties for sale Palmetto Bay along with South Dixie Highway is simply and quickly accessible from any location within the town limits. Lodging, restaurants, and markets are a few of the service industries available to visitors and residents.

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