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Plantation Real Estate market

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Property For Sale In Plantation Florida

Plantation is a city based in Broward County, Florida, United States. The name Plantation is derived from the Everglades Plantation Company, given their unsuccessful attempts to establish a rice plantation in the area. In 1953, Plantation was incorporated and, of course, later expanded into a vibrant municipality. According to US census bureau reports, the plantation population was estimated to be around 92,986 on July 1, 2021. The city has safe and friendly neighborhoods, a good business community, and recreational facilities. In this blog post, let’s discuss property for sale in Plantation, real estate in Plantation in Florida, and many more.

Why is Plantation Florida A Best Place to Live?

The Plantation is a city with close to 100,000 people, and it offers you both a suburban and urban vibe. You will look at certain factors when thinking of moving or investing somewhere. So let’s talk about why Plantation is a best place to live.

Cost of Living in Plantation

You’ve probably heard that the cost of living in Florida is high. But it isn’t the case. Let’s find out! The US average cost of living equals 100, and the Plantation score is 117. It shows that the Cost of Living on Plantation is somewhat high. A significant factor of such a high score is the cost of housing with a high score of 148 and the median home price, which is nearly $500,000. Don’t worry! These data are, to some extent, inaccurate, as you can find different home prices in Plantation. For example, condos for sale in Plantation begin in the mid-$100,000s range. Meanwhile, luxury properties for sale in Plantation can cost more than $1 million. Now you know that there are also less expensive options in the housing market. Other major expenses like healthcare, utilities, and transportation are not more expensive than in other states.

Even if living expenses are a little bit higher, the salary of a single adult in Plantation is under $40,000. It is higher than the Florida state average yearly income of approximately $30,000.  Florida doesn’t have a state individual income tax, so it decreases your cost of living. The sales tax in Florida is about 6% which is less than the national average. These fewer taxes also compensate you. The overall cost of living in Plantation is not that high.

Economy and Job Market

The economy of Florida is booming, and so is the Plantation. It is showing a tremendous increase annually and won’t slow down any time soon. It is estimated that Plantation will have job growth of 40% within one coming decade. Recently, Plantation Florida has experienced positive job growth with a 2% increase. The US average unemployment rate is 6.0%, and the unemployment rate in Plantation, Florida is 4.3% which is less. So you can see the city has a viable job market.

Weather & Climate

The climate of Plantation is the same as in other cities in Florida. It is warm. The city experiences the warmest time from June through December. From June to mid-October, there is a 40% chance of rain daily. The weather and climate in Plantation, Florida, are good. However, December, March, and February are considered the pleasant months of the year. August and July are considered as least comfortable months.


Demographics show us if a place is ‘neighborly’ or not. In Plantation, 64% of homes are owner-owned, so we can say that it has a neighborly feel.

Plantation property for sale in Florida
Plantation property for sale in Florida


Some people who want to invest in real estate in Plantation Florida like the city if it is walkable; for others, cars and transport are preferred. Now, you would like to know what’s the case with Plantation Florida in this respect.
Plantation has a walking score of 61, a transit score of 45, and a bike score of 54. Thus, it is a good place for you if you love walking, biking, or driving.


The Plantation has no lack of schools. There are both public and private institutions in Plantation. Neighborhoods with top-rated public schools are likely to have higher home prices because of their demand. If there are children in your family, you may look for property for sale in Plantation, Florida, near a school. To know more about the best schools in Plantation, Florida, visit this link.

Plantation Public Transportation

Public transportation in Plantation is quite good and vastly used by people. Broward County Transit (BCT) serves the city. Riders can go from one place to another on 40 different routes.

Plantation Florida Housing Market

Plantation city in Florida consists of 6 neighborhoods. You can find condos for sale in Plantation, Houses for sale in Plantation, commercial properties for sale in Plantation, and many more. Home prices range from $89K to $7M. The median listing home price In Plantation as of July 2022 was $575K which is going up by 46.4% year-over-year. Meanwhile, the median sold home price in Plantation was $585K. In July 2022, Plantation Florida market was a seller’s market, meaning fewer homes were available than people looking to buy.

Real Estate in Plantation, Florida

Plantation real estate prices are higher compared to the national average. The most common housing type in Plantation is single-family detached homes. Other housing types in Plantation include high-rise apartments, large apartment complexes, apartment buildings, etc. In Plantation, there are both homeowners and renters with 64.15% and 35.85%, respectively. Plantation has experienced the highest home appreciation rate in the last 10 years compared to any other city in the nation. Over the last 10 years, It appreciated 138.82%, which shows an annual appreciation rate of 9.10%. Thus, for real estate in Florida appreciation, Plantation is in the top 10% nationally.

Plantation is a good record of being one of America’s best long-term real estate investments in the last 10 years. So you may consider buying or investing in Plantation real estate. We have mentioned the average appreciation rates in the city. That’s why it is essential to know that different places in Plantation have their investment potential. Therefore, Plantation Florida’s housing market is competitive. Homes in Plantation sell in around 36 days and receive at least 4 offers.

Where To Invest In Plantation In Florida

All of the above data shows that real estate in Plantation is booming, which is why it’s the best thing to invest in. If you plan to move to Plantation sometime soon, then you may look for property for sales in Plantation, Florida. It will be appreciated, and you can also rent it and earn money. The city has the potential to provide you with good returns. So, whether you are looking for Condos for sale in Plantation, Waterfront properties for sale in Plantation Florida, or Houses for sale in Plantation, it has covered you.

Generally, the housing market in Plantation, Florida, is expensive. But you can also invest in less expensive properties and houses. If you want to invest in commercial properties, you can easily find commercial properties for sale in Plantation. Whatever your budget and interest in property type are, Plantation provides you that.

Real Estate Agencies In Plantation Florida

If you are not an expert, then you certainly need the help of real estate agencies in Plantation, Florida, for purchasing and or buying properties. Activa Realty is your ideal solution with 15+ years of experience in property selling internationally. They will help you till the very end of a deal.

Properties for rent in Plantation, Florida

If you plan a trip to Plantation, Florida, you surely need a place to stay. Or you may be going for some work there. You may go to hotels. But the second option is to look for properties for rent in Plantation, Florida. The good part is you can find all types of properties for rent in Plantation. The rent in Plantation ranges from $1.4K to $15K per month.

Things To Do In Plantation

There is so much to explore in Plantation and something for everyone. We have mentioned below some of the best things you can do in Plantation.

Outdoor Activities In Plantation

Parks are great places for outdoor activities. There are over 40 public parks in Plantation where you can access sports courts, pools, walking trails, gardens, and green spaces. Some famous parks in Plantation include Central Park, Volunteer Park, Fig Tree Park, Happy Trails Dog Park, and Secret Woods Nature Center.

Tourist Attractions In Plantation, Florida

Plantation has a lot of entertaining, educational, and exciting attractions. Plantation Historical Museum and The Young At Art Museum offer admission for free. Both are located within the city. Some of the best tourist attractions in Plantation, Florida, that you may want to visit are as below.

  1. Plantation Historical Museum
  2. Young At Art
  3. Plantation Heritage Park
  4. Plantation Preserve Linear Trail
  5. My Jewish Discovery Place
  6. Jacaranda Golf Club
  7. Lockbox Escape Room
  8. Plantation Preserve Golf Course
  9. Karma 7-Day Spa
  10. Paints n Cocktails
  11. Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages
  12. Soothing Oasis Spa


There are several restaurants in Plantation offering delicious foods. Some famous restaurants in Plantation are as below. 

  1. Mustard Seed Bistro:
    It is a cafe where you get healthy dinner and lunch options. 
  1. Green Wave Café
    It is a fantastic café where culinary techniques take dishes’ quality to the next level. With its delicious flavors, you will also get nutritional value. 
  1. Jade Garden
    It is a restaurant serving authentic Chinese foods like wonton soup and lo mein.
  1. La Bamba
    It offers you authentic Latin dishes. 

Final Thoughts

Plantation has nearby amenities for you near your neighborhood. The high walk score clearly shows that you can find schools, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more nearby. All of these make a big difference in your lives.  All in all, Plantation is a fantastic place to live and invest. In this blog post about properties for sale in Plantation, Florida, we discussed many essential things about Plantation, including living in Plantation and Real Estate in Plantation. We hope this article helps you make better decisions. 

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