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Latest houses and condos for sale in this Florida’s town. Check home prices and property availability. Most popular locations and places in this town. Property for sale in St. Lucie Florida – Affordable Place To Invest
Whether you’re considering buying property or investing in real estate or simply moving to St. Lucie Florida, you’re in the right place. The vibrant city situated in the southern state of Florida and on the Atlantic Ocean has too much to offer.
St. Lucie Florida might be best known for its amazing golf courses, but this city has too much to offer. Before buying property in St. Lucie Florida, it is vital to find out some basics about the place you’re interested in investing.
After all, the final thing you want is to spend tons of dollars going to a place that you end up not liking.

Real Estate Market St. Lucie Florida 

Over the past few years, the population growth rate in St. Lucie Florida has an annual average of 1.52%. By contrast, the average rate in the same moment was 1.30 percent for the whole state and 0.70 percent nationally. During the same term, the rate of increase for the total population in St. Lucie Florida was 14.32 percent, in comparison with 11.80 percent for the state and 6.33 percent nationally.

Reviewing real estate market values in St. Lucie Florida, the prevailing media houses for sale in St. Lucie Florida there’s $165,800. As compared the median market value in the nation is $204,800 and the median value for the total state is $197,800. The appreciation rate for house property in St. Lucie Florida through the most recent times was -0.12 annually. The average house value growth rate throughout that cycle throughout the whole state was -0.8 annually. Throughout the nation, property for sale in St. Lucie Florida changed yearly at an average rate of 0.12. The gross median rental properties in St. Lucie Florida are $1,140, with a state median of $1,130 and a national median of $1,024.

Why buy Property in St. Lucie, FL 

Homes Port St. Lucie Florida
Homes Port St. Lucie Florida


Lower residential property prices are perhaps one of the most positive aspects of investing in St. Lucie Florida. The average median price of houses in St. Lucie Florida at times is near half of that in the neighboring palm beaches. Luxury properties for sale in St. Lucie Florida and gated communities are offered at prices that would be considered the extremely affordable property prices in other big cities on the coast. Real estate in St. Lucie in Florida has some of the most beautiful waterfront apartments for sale in St. Lucie Florida. Imagine waking up in morning to the calming sounds of waves crashing on the water right outside your window. This is what life is when you live on the stunning water in St. Lucie Florida.

Excellent Weather

If you’re thinking about buying residential or commercial property in St. Lucie Florida, chances are you like a mild temperature and lots of sunshine.
St. Lucie Florida delivers with a subtropical, warm climate. The summers do get quite warm and humid (low 90 degrees F during the day), so plan to stay hydrated & hit the beach as often as you can.
Winters in St. Lucie Florida are dream come true – especially for those escaping from the north. The temperature stays in the 70s Degree F. Snow is but a fantasy, but there is plenty of rain for lush gardening, scenery, and growing.

Very Affordable to live 

Living in St. Lucie Florida is extremely affordable when compared to other cities in the country. For example, if you live in NYC and make $100,000 each, you can live in St. Lucie Florida, and make $51,000 a year and make a similar standard of living. Also the median house cost in St. Lucie Florida is about $209,900 vs. $650,000 in New York. That’s quite a stark difference and the best reason for investing in St. Lucie Florida.

No State Income Taxes

Florida is one of the handfuls of states in the country with no state income tax. That’s a big addition to your bottom line as an employee, and as a business, it’s an ideal recruiting tool to hire the best employees. Several companies from all over the US have decided to relocate to Florida because of the super friendly tax environment. Tons of commercial properties for sale in St. Lucie Florida Governor Cuomo of NY was just complaining that Florida is stealing NY residents. Yes, we’re. Well, governor, it’s reality stealing if we’ve a great business and wonderful tax environment that people want to invest in. After the pandemic, several people from other states shift to Florida and St. Lucie Florida.

Parks and Recreation

The city of St. Lucie Florida has nearly 40 parks and recreational facilities and several are open years round. You can view the interactive parks to show all the areas of the city’s parks and the hours the amenities offered. You can also find all instructions on booking pavilions for birthdays or other special events. St. Lucie Florida also provides easy access to state-of-the-art hospitals and great healthcare services. The hospital in the Western area and conventionally located right of 1-95 is the newest addition to the St. Lucie Florida healthcare system.

Restaurants and Shopping centers

The city of St. Lucie Florida provides a huge range of local dining areas. From the more expensive fine dining establishments to the local mom-and-pop shops, you will find a place to suit your budget and taste. There’re also many chain restaurants, olive garden, and outback steakhouse with locations in St. Lucie Florida, making it super easy to enjoy your favorites even when you are far from your house. One of the most well-known restaurants in town is Rooster in the garden, a wonderful family-friendly establishment with an eclectic menu including pizza and burgers to taps style meals. Retail therapy is the best type of therapy. Shopping malls in St. Lucie Florida have something for all. Including Company, New York and Dillard’s, and Macy’s for the latest fashions and accessories!

Home Owners Insurance Rates

One of the best reasons why buy property in St. Lucie Florida is the cost of condos for sale in St. Lucie Florida and the cost of homeowners insurance, which if you’re not familiar Florida has some of the best insurance premia of all the other states in the US. You’ll find that when buying a new apartment for sale in St. Lucie Florida that’s less than ten years old your yearly insurance premium will be below $1200.00. If you were to compare it to older townhouses for sale in St. Lucie Florida you’ll pay double if not triple for a similar property. Another big advantage of buying property in St. Lucie Florida or anywhere in Florida in general is Florida has a save your home tax exemption that allows residents who live in the home as primary residents your yearly property tax cannot increase more than 3 percent year over year.


A car is ideal transportation in St. Lucie Florida. Individual neighborhoods are often walking able, with houses, schools, and shops clustered together. But neighborhoods are not within walking distance of one another. An exception is the planned community, where there’re residential neighborhoods within walking and biking distance of big retail shopping and restaurants. It’s common to see golf card parking at grocery stores. These mini vehicles are well-known in subdivisions, particularly those built around golf courses. For those without a vehicle, bus lines are available. Area regional transit operates 8 fixed bus routes around St. Lucie Florida.

Major Florida destinations are simply accessible using interstate 95 and FL’s turnpike. For those traveling further afield, the closest airport is Palk Beach International airport, almost 1hr from St. Lucie Florida. Additional flights are offered at Orlando International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Hollywood international airport, each less than a 2hr drive from St. Lucie Florida.

End words… 

Are you considering buying property in St. Lucie Florida? Then St. Lucie Florida should be one of your top options. Whether other cities have plenty to offer, St. Lucie Florida is unique in that it combines the accessibility of investing in a big city with the charming atmosphere of a small community town – and the cost of living is a lot more affordable, too! With a bunch of incentives and things to do in and around St. Lucie Florida, it is a wonderful spot to live and work. If you’re interested to buy houses, condos, apartments, commercial properties, or townhouses, our real estate agency is ready to help you. We’re in real estate for years and know exactly what your requirements are.

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