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Wellington houses and condos for sale

Check latest property listings from Wellington in Florida. Lovely place to own real estate. Check our luxury property selection from this town. Search for single family homes for sale and rent, condos for sale and lots to build your own house in southern Florida. Activa Realty services for buyers and sellers. Do you want to sell your Wellington property. Check our services in Florida.

Property for sale in Wellington Florida – Ideal Opportunity for Investors 

For those who want to make a permanent home in Florida, or for that matter explore the state, this embarrassment of riches can mean that finding a perfect real estate investment or entertainment spot can be challenging. There are simply so many options. For those who’re in search of a great lifestyle and want to enjoy the magnificence of FL’s natural environment, Wellington, FL is the best place to start your journey.

Wellington, FL has so much to offer. Located in Palm Beach, this wonderful place has it all. A great downtown area with some exceptional dining areas and a vibrant job market, it has that rare combination of modernity and natural surroundings that’ll reward each person who visits – or who wants to find a property for sale in Wellington that ticks all the right boxes as far lifestyle is concerned.

Wellington Florida Real Estate

On any given day Wellington, FL has 500 to 600 types of residential and commercial properties for sale in Wellington. While the majority of those houses for sale in Wellington are single-family houses we also have condos, townhouses, villas, apartments, and multifamily houses.

In addition to the different types of luxury properties for sale in Wellington, it offers an array of communities too. There’re also communities with an HOA and without. Several of the communities with an HOA have wonderful amenities, such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and playground. We also have all-age communities and active 50-plus communities. While we do not have an overabundance of active adult communities we do have 2, Buena Vida which provides a single-family apartment for sale in Wellington, FL, and Mayfair which provides 1st and 2nd-floor condos for sale in Wellington.

In Florida, Wellington even has its aeronautical community, Aero Club. There is real estate in Wellington situated on zero lot line home sites and then we’ve huge acreage estates, but there’re ¼ acre, 1/3 acre, and 1 acre home sites also. While the very 1st house built in Wellington, FL was back in the 50s major construction did not start until 1971. Though, it is rare to find a property for sale in Wellington that was built before the mid of 70s. Since the 70s new construction was booming in the city over the next three decades and even though it has slowed down there’re still new apartments, homes, and condos being built to this very day.

Why buy property in Wellington Florida?

With a bunch of diverse communities to pick from, great for shopping, dining, schools, attraction, activities, great weather and so much more. Wellington, FL has quickly become one of the most sought-after areas to live in Palm Beach and one of its most successful planned unit developments. With so many diverse communities to choose from, great shopping, restaurants, schools, equestrian activities, golf, great weather and so much more, Wellington has quickly become one of the most sought-after places to live in Palm Beach County as well as one of its most successful Planned Unit Developments!

Great lifestyle 

For those who want to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle, Wellington, FL has even more to offer. It plays host to the largest and longest-running equestrian festival in the world – the winter Equestrian Festival, city also boasts several other opportunities to enjoy the best that the equestrian world has to offer.

House for sale in Wellington Florida luxury house estate. real estate
House for sale in Wellington – Florida luxury house estate

There’s the world-class international Polo Club which hosts some of the most professional polo events in the US. Wellington is also within a stone’s throw from the Country Club and Palm Beach Golf club. When it comes to economic opportunity, it offers ample opportunity for those who want to not only enjoy their great lifestyle – but also find a perfect job. The job market is expected to expand by around 9 percent over the next five years. Combine this with the fact that housing is relatively cheap and it approaches the right place for the establishment of a house base.

Ideal Location for Families 

Living in FL is particularly attractive to those with families. There’re several family-friendly attractions and events. Though, Wellington is inland it’s within easy reach of Palm Beach – which means that access to some of the FL’s most amazing beaches is super easy – and make the right day trip. Events such as that hosted in the South Florida Fairgrounds provide supreme family entertainment. One of the main events is the fair which is hosted during January and February. The Fair which is been an annual fixture for 100 plus years today provides great rides, food for a whole family, and a great shopping experience.

Excellent Weather

Investing in real estate in Wellington you get experience perks not found in several other areas of the country and in my opinion, the weather is certainly a big plus. We average over 230 sunny days each year and there’re only 120 days in which there’s any measurable precipitation. In the winter season, the low temp average is around 67 degrees F while in the summer temperature average is in the 80 with the warm month, July, averaging 91 degrees F. Wellington, FL gets 60″ of rain each year, while the US average is 39. Do not worry about the rain though, as any local in Florida tell you, just give it a half hour and the rain will usually move on down the road. There’ve been several times I’ve been driving through Wellington, FL and there’re puddles on the street and it’s dry as a bone on the next street.

Wonderful Nature and Family Recreation 

For nature lovers, there’re three nature preservers in Wellington, FL. There’s a Peaceful Water Sanctuary, which is thirty acres and has over 1500ft of elevated boardwalk and 1 mile of walking trails. The Pine Valley Preserve is a natural preserve with a gazebo and boardwalk and the Wellington Environmental Preserve is about 365+ acres of rainwater storage space with nature trails and amazing learning centers.

There’re over twenty community parks throughout the various Wellington and surrounding areas. They provide gazebos, picnic tables, swing sets, basketball courts, and more. There’s Scott’s Place which is a barrier-free playground that was made to meet the requirements of both able-bodied and disabled kids. This wonderful playground is an acre of accessible playground equipment with sensory items and wheelchair ramps.

Tax-Friendly Place With Low-Cost Living 

Florida has no state income tax and is considered one of the lowest tax states in the US. This means that if you work in Wellington, FL, your paycheck will be free of taxes other than the federal income taxes. This’ll make your take-home pay higher and provide more income for the basic cost of living buying. Wellington is also very tax-friendly for retirees with no taxes on retirement or pension advantages. Florida does, though, have a statewide 6″ sales tax. Several items are excluded from this sales tax including medical supplies, food, and farm production supplies. Tax on real estate in Wellington, FL is close to the national average.

Great dining 

Wellington is home to board array of high-class restaurants you can enjoy dinner out with your kids and a romantic and relaxing evening with someone special, both without leaving the town. Can we recommend Mellow Mushroom for dinner with family and for a relaxing dinner consider Kaluz. This restaurant’s ambiance as appealing as its food is super delicious. When it comes to drinking Wellington truly shines. For those who enjoy a cold beer a  tour of the local Copper Point Brewing Company. Wonderful microbrews can be enjoyed in the tasting area where the Brewmaster will supply insight into just why this microbrewery has gained such an avid following. It is also a wonderful place for special events such as a party.

Buying vs. Renting 

While there’s no doubt your monthly mortgage payment will be less than a monthly rental payment there’re several advantages to buying or renting a home, condo, or apartment in Wellington. That is why investing in a rental property in Wellington, FL is a big plus. If you become a Wellington homeowner, you’ll receive tax advantages, build equity, never have to worry about an increase in rent or having to move each year and in 30 years be mortgage free.

However, when buying a townhouse for sale in Wellington you might have to come up with a down payment and closing costs. You can also ask the seller to contribute towards your closing costs, most lenders approve a contribution of 3 to 6 percent of the purchase value, which will typically cover all of your closing fees. One advantage is Wellington tenants enjoy zero responsibility when it comes to home or apartment repair or exterior maintenance, as a homeowner you’ll be responsible for these items, but you’ll never have to ask permission to paint a bedroom, living area, hang a painting on the wall or add a pet to your family.

End words…

Buying a property in Wellington is a huge decision and one of the biggest investments you’ll probably ever make. If you’re a first-time property buyer or an investor you might even be wondering if buying a home in Wellington, FL is the right thing to do. This is where our real estate agent can help. Our experience real estate agent will be able to educate you about the current real estate market situation and discuss your options, so you can make a well-informed decision.

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