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West Palm Beach is the business and commercial center of Palm Beach County area. West Palm Beach is not just about real estate and houses. The city offers visitors a number of attractions, both historical and tourist. One of the top attractions in West Palm Beach is the Norton Museum of Art, one of the most respected and richest art museums in the South East Florida.

We can find here works by French Impressionists as well as Post-Impressionists and other European artists. The museum also houses works of art from 20th century American artists. We can also find a number of Chinese works of art. Visiting the museum can be a nice break while looking for a property in West Palm Beach. Check also property for sale in close proximity – property in Palm Beach area.

Cultural Centers in West Palm Beach

Another important cultural center in West Palm Beach is the Kravis Center of Performing Arts, where there is a theater in West Palm Beach, music concerts, painting and sculpture exhibitions, ballet and opera are held here. West of West Palm Beach lies Lion Country Safari. It is a huge 500 acre zoo (wildlife park) where you can drive your own car and admire the wildlife from all over the world.
There are lions, rhinoceros, ostriches, bisons, antelopes, chimpanzees and many other animals open to the public in the garden. The garden has no cages for animals, so admiring wildlife is really exciting for a visitor to this park. Specially for the kids.

Another wildlife park is located near West Palm Beach is John D. Mc Arthur Beach State Park. 750 acres of mangrove vegetation park. Beautiful beaches and wild nature here. For enthusiasts of fishing and sport fishing, there is Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest freshwater lake in the US, the largest in Florida, covering an area of ​​759 square miles. It is possible to buy a lake trip and do some sport fishing.

For those looking to invest in part of Florida or buy a property in West Palm Beach, this is one of Florida’s most prestigious home and apartment locations in the South East. But at the moment, you can find many bargains and undercutting property prices in West Palm Beach. As well as properties from bank foreclosure and short sale houses for sale. Check the current selection of Activa Realty properties for sale from West Palm Beach.

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Good investment in real estate in West Palm Beach

One of the most northerly cities of the Palm Beach county in Florida, is city of West Palm Beach, located on the eastern coast of the peninsula. The city is separated from the ocean by a narrow barrier island where the famous city of Palm Beach is located. West Palm Beach was built in 1894 by Henry Flagler as a base for servicing the two largest hotels then located in Palm Beach. Over the years, the city developed and grew, initially mainly along the coast due to the surrounding swamps, then after the surrounding areas were drained, the city became more symmetrical and available. They started to sell lots in the area.

Due to the long history of the city, there are many architectural objects worth seeing during your stay here, whether you are passing through the city, buying a Florida holiday property here, or settling here permanently, investing in your own real estate in Florida. It’s worth looking around the historic Flamingo Park district, where most of the houses are designed in a Mediterranean style.
As well as the district of Grandview Heights, it is worth seeing, as being one of the oldest districts in the city, it has remained almost unchanged since 1910, attracting tourists and residents with its Mediterranean style of buildings. The city also has an exclusive district – Central Park – full of pedestrian streets, numerous piers, cafes, restaurants and cafes.
In last few years there was a revival of downtown West Palm Beach. Now a great place for a evening stroll, trip to local restaurant or place to meet for a date with the stranger.

The attractiveness of this city as an ideal place to live and buy real estate here is also raised by numerous cultural and entertainment facilities. Here you can visit the City Museum, showing people and places important to the city, and the largest Art Museum in Florida. You will also find many smaller and larger art and culture centers, an amphitheater that hosts concerts and festivals, and a fabulous science museum with interactive exhibits, a fresh and saltwater aquarium and a digital planetarium. Check also West Palm Beach map. To learn more about this beautiful Florida city, check out our Florida and West Palm Beach Florida guide in other chapters on our Real Estate and living in United States page.

Not just a vacation apartment in Florida

The fabulous Florida’s climate prevailing here also encourages the purchase of real estate in this part Florida. It can be said that it is a region of eternal spring, perfect to spend time here at any time of the year. West Palm Beach is located in a subtropical region, so the temperature and humidity are perfect for living here. Although summers are a little bit hot here. Check also property for sale in Belle Glade in Florida next to Lake Okeechobee.

There are also facilities of interest to all sports enthusiasts in this city. In West Palm Beach you will find professional golf clubs, professional baseball clubs, as well as halls and sports clubs from other fields. There are also 12 full-size baseballs courts in the city, and a club with 7 world-class polo fields.
If you buy a condo, house or apartment here, you will be able to enjoy all the attractions that West Palm Beach has to offer.
Then visit the zoo in Dreher Park, where on 23 acres of lush tropical green, home to more than 1,400 animals, representing species found on the peninsula, you will be able to spend time with your family. In the zoo you can see, among others, the Florida panther, the American bear, the river otter, alligators and many other endemic species of animals. The Zoo also has Interactive Play Fountain, a beautiful installation where water spouts from the fountains to the rhythm of the music – it’s worth watching this attraction.

Are you still wondering whether to choose West Palm Beach for your Florida property investment and buy a property here? If so, and you have children at the same time, maybe the presence of a water park in the city will convince you. It’s situated on 30 acres of land, and there are dozens of water attractions, such as a lazy river, high and fast slides, water curtains, and pools for young children with warmer then anywhere else, water.

Good schools in West Palm Beach

When it comes to kids, it’s impossible not to mention the good educational infrastructure in West Palm Beach. There are dozens of primary schools such as Belvedere Elementary School, Benoist Farms Elementary School, as well as many Middle schools such as Bak Middle School Of The Arts, Conniston Middle School, and high schools, Forest Hill High School, High Ridge School, Indian Ridge School and many others. It is safe to say that from anywhere in the city, it is quite close to an educational institution, which is a really great plus for families with children.

If we are talking about real estate in this part of Florida, it’s time to look at real estate listings from West Palm Beach. If you take into account the size of the city, you will not be surprised by the number of property listings, as well as their price spread. You will find here real estate a bit away from the ocean and the city center, smaller apartments for up to $ 190,000, as well as luxurious mansions closer to the center, with swimming pools and large gardens for up to a 5 millions dollars.

Houses not only for the rich

The San Michele apartment can be such an example of a cheaper property. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms on 1,215 sq ft of space. The house dates from 1999 and has low maintenance costs, which, combined with the low price of the property, may turn out to be a bull’s eye for you. This apartment can be yours for 184,000 dollars.

A little more expensive, but immediately more luxurious property will be an apartment in the La Fontana building in West Palm Beach. Here you will get one bedroom with a bathroom, but the view from the windows and the amenities offered by the building from 1961 make you feel great here. Low maintenance costs of the apartment, combined with access to the swimming pool on the roof of La Fontana and other amenities are just a prelude to what is most important.

This apartment can be yours for $ 230,000. The other types of real estate that you can buy in West Palm Beach are houses and mansions. One such home located in Saratoga Pine on Antietam Lane could be yours today. There are three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a kitchen, all in the highest standard. You will definitely like the garden, but if that is not enough, local residents have a shared swimming pool, playground for children, and a tennis court at their disposal. This fully furnished and equipped house in the Lake Mangonia area, not far from the Atlantic coast, will be yours for as little as 300,000 dollars.

Investments in West Palm Beach

Further afield, you will find another mansion, a larger, 2,908 sqft, with four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a separate dining area. This two-story house on the ground floor has a kitchen and two bedrooms, the other two bedrooms and a large loft are upstairs. At the top you will also find a patio overlooking the beautiful garden and park behind the house.

If you are interested in a truly luxurious property, you may be interested in a perfectly finished residence with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two toilets. The floors in this property are made of coral stone and there is a gorgeous beautiful driveway in front of the house that will take your breath away. From the house there is a beautiful view of the lake and the golf course.

The total area of ​​this property is 4321 sqft. The price of this property does not exceed the magical amount of two million dollars, because it costs 1.900 thousand dollars. If you have already decided to come to West Palm Beach to settle here, you will surely have no problem with no real estate listings to buy or Florida real estate rentals. It may turn out that it will be the other way around, you will be choosing from real estate agencies for a long time before you choose this particular gem for yourself.

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