The best communities to buy Florida property. We sell properties in south east Florida area. We cover three counties: Palm Beach county, Miami Dade county and Broward county. Below are the main cities, towns and areas in southern Florida where we sell the properties for our clients. If you are looking for specific location to buy a house in south east Florida don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website Activa Realty Florida homes for sale.  We will find you a dream home in United States in sunny state of Florida.

Luxury property in Florida

There is so many options to buy and finance your new home in Florida. Our experienced team of realtors will guide you through entire process of property purchase in Florida. Even if you are foreigner or first time buyer wish to purchase home in United State in Florida state. We specialize in local and overseas buyers wish to settle down in Florida and buy a house in Florida – Miami – Boca Raton area. To find all the locations where we sell houses in Florida please visit locations where we sell property in Florida.

Luxury houses for sale in Boca Raton area

Boca Raton

If you are first time visiting Florida in aim to find the perfect place to settle down and buy a property in sunny state, this task could be an overwhelming issue. Especially if you came from another state or another country. Town of Boca Raton in Palm Beach county is the most prestigious place to own a property in entire Florida state. Check our services we offer for property buyers in Boca Raton area.

Buying a Boca Raton property is a great choice for any buyer from US or investor from overseas wish to own a “piece of paradise”. Beautiful beaches, great down town, shopping and a fantastic upper scale communities to buy a property in Florida, makes Boca Raton a top hot spot in south-eastern Florida. Also great “A” rated school makes Boca Raton great place to own a property in Florida and move here with entire family.

Boca Raton is also famous from great golf courses scattered around the town neighborhood and in surrounding areas. great place to own piece of real estate for a golfer, for businessman or for retiree. And perfect for international investor in real estate who want to create cash flow from American property investment. More about Boca Raton property and investment opportunities in this Palm Beach county area.

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Delray Beach

Seaside lifestyle for everyone in Delray Beach. Don’t like a hustle and bustle of Miami and Fort Lauderdale area? Delray Beach will be a perfect investment for you and a place to search for a dream vacation property in southern Florida. Check our property listing from Delray Beach in Palm Beach county, right next to Boca Raton.

Delray Beach became so popular place to buy a house or condo in Palm Beach area. The best communities to buy Florida property. Property prices also highly go up in last few years. For some buyers become simply unaffordable. Despite that is still cheaper to buy a property in Delray area then own a house or condo in Boca Raton.
Also in Delray Beach any golfer find a dream golf course to play, nice restaurants, good quality shopping and fantastic places to go out in afternoon. 

Delray Beach is also a good place to spend a gorgeous vacation in southern Florida. We have a pretty apartments for sale, condos by the sea, and luxury villas on the golf courses in Delray Beach area. Check property prices in Delray Beach. Check the locations close to the beautiful Delray Beach. Great place to own a property for pure investor, looking for cash flow from property investment or retiree from Canada wish to spend next several years in sunny Florida. Find out more about Delray Beach property and the best places and locations in this town by the sea.

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Property for sale in Delray Beach

Boynton Beach

Are you looking for little beat cheaper location in south east Florida coast? More reasonable property prices waiting for you in Boynton Beach locations. Boynton Beach will be a perfect choice for you. Also regarding property taxes and HOA (Home Owners Association) costs. Boynton Beach is a cheaper place to buy and own property in Florida, then Boca Raton and Delray Beach area.

Check our property listings for sale in Boynton Beach area in Florida. Check also informations about property rental in Florida. Are you looking for slightly cheaper location then Boca Raton, or Palm Beach to purchase a property in easter Florida? Town of Boynton Beach could be an ideal place for you to start a property search in Palm Beach county.

Last few years Boynton Beach experienced a huge investments and influx of expats and snow birds purchasing a properties here. Especially from eastern Canada. If you a retiree or you just move from Canada to Palm Beach county, Boynton Beach could be a perfect place for you to own a property in Florida.

Boynton Beach latest property listings

Highland Beach

Seaside area of Boca Raton is called Highland Beach, just right next to the beach. Check property listings for sale in Highland Beach area in south Florida. Highland Beach it’s a part of Boca Raton and it’s located right on the Atlantic beach.

On Highland Beach you will find the most expensive and the most luxurious properties in southern Florida and most expensive location of Boca Raton it self. Check our portfolio and direct property listings from Highland Beach in Boca Raton. Luxury villas with ocean view, luxury condos and apartments for sale on intracoastal waterway. Latest property listings from Highland Beach. We specialize in this area.

Florida luxury villa for sale

Highland Beach is the place for you, if you are looking for high end family home, luxury condo with direct ocean view, investment property, or vacation retreat in most desirable location of Boca Raton area south of Miami. You can’t go wrong buying a house or condo in Highland Beach. This place is for so many years most desirable place to live in south east Florida. Great people, great neighborhood, great place to stay in Florida for much longer.

If you are a beach fanatic Highland Beach is also a place for you. Some of the properties for sale in Highland Beach are literally on the beach’s sand. Or you just need to cross the A1 road in order to lay down on the beach. Check our property listings, check also our rental listings from Highland Beach in Boca Raton. Some of the properties here are listed for short term and long term rentals.

Highland Beach latest property listings

Palm Beach

Property for sale in Palm Beach in Florida. Palm Beach is the home of the world’s most exclusive real estate. Detached houses, villas and condos for sale in Palm Beach. The location is nestled just 65 miles north from Miami.

Visit world’s famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach for the latest fashion gadgets and accessories. This place is like Rodeo Drive in California. Palm Beach is an exclusive barrier island just 17 miles long. Please see our entire property portfolio from Palm Beach area in Florida. Only luxury houses and condos for sale. Check also info about our real estate agency who will sell property for you in this great area. The best communities to buy Florida property.

Palm Beach for so many years now is one of the most exclusive place to live and purchase real estate in Florida. More informations about Palm Beach property for sale. So many celebrities own a piece of real estate in Palm Beach. Donald Trump is close by, also Ivana Trump, Rod Steward British singer, Rush Limbaugh, also Venus and Serena Williams (they live in Palm Beach Gardens area). Those figures are just a few examples of residents in Palm Beach – Florida.

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Property for sale in Wellington with our real estate agency. We will find a great deal for you. Condos, detached houses, semi detached properties and stables for sale in Wellington (Florida) area? Wellington has new fantastic parks and recreation centers and areas. One of them is the recently refurbished Aquatics Complex, which boast an Olympic sized swimming pool for adults. The complex also has showers and bathrooms for clients. Another sports facility is Skate park at Village Park, equipped with wooden ramps with professional surfaces.

Check our new property listings in Wellington in Florida. Not so far from Miami airport and Ford Lauderdale international airport. Both airports have international departures and arrivals. Easy access from Europe and South America not to mention Canada and northern US states. This place is also the best communities to buy Florida property.

City of Wellington in Florida is recognized as the winter equestrian capital of the world. Did you know that? This great community offers tremendous diversity with lavish homes  where residents have private airplane hangars. There are also more modest homes in our property listings from this area.
Wellington is located 62 miles from Miami, 147 miles from Orlando, 162 miles from Tampa and 211 miles from Nassau in Bahamas.

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Pompano Beach

Property for sale in Pompano Beach in southern Florida. Broward county. Apartments and villas for sale. Cheap properties in Pompano Beach area? By the beach and the golf courses of Broward county area. We have a property for you. Need a mortgage to purchase a Florida’s property? Looking to finanse your new Florida’s property. Call us or e-mail our office.

In last couple of years Pompano Beach became a hot spot for property buyers from other American states and also for foreign investors ans sun seekers from around the world. Vacation homes in Pompano Beach tend to be a little bit cheaper then Boca Raton or Delray Beach. Pompano have also a great beaches, plenty of entertainment venues all year around. Many shops, restaurants, great pubs and night clubs. Property taxes and maintenance of the properties here are slightly cheaper then in Boca or Delray, or Deerfield Beach area.

Pompano Beach property for sale

Fantastic location and great place to own a home in Florida. Check our property listings in Pompano Beach. If you not sure where to purchase your home or condo in Pompano contact our office. We will guide you through process of property search and property buying in Pompano Beach in Palm Beach county.

Pompano Beach latest property listings

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