Delray Beach property

Property for sale in Delray Beach Florida. Here you will find a property information guide. Good to know, before you decide to purchase property in Delray Beach area in Palm Beach county.
Apartments, villas, condos by the ocean and luxury property in Delray Beach in Florida. Delray Beach is Florida’s hot spot property. One of the best places to invest into Florida’s property market. Delray Beach is a first class tourist resort destination and a very diverse, vibrant, community situated by the Atlantic Ocean and very close to Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach.

Delray Beach property for sale

The town is located between Boca Raton a West Palm Beach. We have great holiday villas for sale and cheaper waterfront properties in one of the most prestigious locations in the purchase of real estate in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Delray Beach property for sale
Houses for sale in Delray Beach

What property to buy in Delray Beach

In the area of Delray Beach, you’ll find great homes and villas for sale in our range of real estate for sale in Florida. Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County in south Florida about 55 miles from Miami.
According to U.S. official statistics, Delray Beach has nearly 68,000 inhabitants. It is one of the largest cities in the area south-east of Florida, town located next to more popular – Boca Raton, with a population of nearly 90,000 residents. Delray Beach lies a few miles south of Boca Raton, and further to the south is the town of Boynton Beach, another good place to buy a house or condo in Florida.

Great place to own home in Florida

Delray Beach is under influence of Florida’s tropical climate and is characterized by very high humidity, and high temperatures throughout the year. The major tourist attractions in the city is Downtown Delray Beach Arts Districts, where there are galleries, exhibitions of art and sculptures, and which belongs to a cultural organization in Florida.
Center have more than 20 years and is located at Atlantic Avenue. The city is also the host of festival of Art and Jazz Festival, and many other cultural events throughout the year.

  • Addison Reserve
  • Bar Harbour
  • Bellamar House
  • Court of Delray
  • Delaire Country Club
  • Delray Beach Club
  • Delray Beach Shores
  • Delray Isle
  • Delray Ocean Estates
  • Four Seasons
  • Gleneagles Country Club
  • Hamlet Country Club
  • Hammond
  • Harbour House
  • Kenmont
  • Mizner Country Club
  • Moorings
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Pelican Harbor
  • Polo Trace
  • Rio Del Ray Shores
  • Seagate Residences
  • Seestedt Stevens
  • Sherwood Park
  • South Ocean Park
  • Tropic Isle
  • Valencia Falls
  • Via Marina
  • Villa Delray
  • Windemere House

In our practical guide to the real estate in Florida, you can find current information about real estate prices in Delray Beach, recent property listings and sales of apartments, houses and condos in Delray Beach. We offer apartments in Delray Beach, Delray Beach homes, also land for sale to build a dream house in Delray Beach area. Also offers of commercial real estate in this part of Florida in Delray Beach. If you want to check the current price of real estate in Florida, it is known that in the agency Activa Realty property in Florida, you will always find actual listings and the best property deals around.

Country Clubs and 55+ in Delray Beach

Check also property listings of attractive town houses, the so-called real estate on Country Clubs and properties in the estates 55 + in the area of Florida south east. Also, property on golf courses in Delray Beach and Boca Raton area.
We offer bank foreclosures property in Delray Beach, and offers of short sales in Delray Beach. Real Estate bank auction properties for sale in Florida. Check recent property listings from Delray Beach area.

Delray Beach seniors property for sale

In the current offer in office of Activa Realty Florida, also show up offers of commercial premises for sale and rent, shops for sale and real estate in Delray such as hotels, hostels and guest houses for sale in Delray Beach. Real estate which generate a steady income from investments in the United States for the property owner.

Golfers dream

Even if you’re not passionate about golf, it’s worth checking out real estate prices on the golf courses around Delray Beach area in this south-eastern corner of FL state. It’s this type of investment worth to take into account, as an investment into property rental market in Florida.
If you are looking for a steady cash flow from your investment in southern Florida. If you play golf check Delray Beach Golf Club, Kings Point Golf, Lakeview Golf Club. Also Southwinds Golf Course, Jacaranda Golf Club and Osprey Point Golf Course.

Often we offer for sale houses to renovate and refurbishment in Delray Beach. The opportunity to do reconstruction this type of property and convert this property to luxury property or luxury residence in Florida. See also map of Delray Beach and precise location of this great town in Palm Beach county.

Check also property listings of new apartments in Delray Beach, and offers from developers in Delray Beach, Florida. Deals to buy and invest so called “off plan” property. This type of purchase is also worth taking into consideration if you are thinking about investing in U.S. real estate and international property markets outside of Europe.

Beaches and diving in Delray Beach

Beaches in Delray Beach are 3.2 miles long. The main beach is accessible from the Florida State Road A1A. Information for those interested in diving in the waters of Florida. Located on the beach in Delray Beach sank a century steamer, which is now a place for diving enthusiasts. The main beach in Delray Beach is Delray Beach Municipal Beach – you can rent cabanas and chairs there. Another beach is Ankor Park beach and Atlantic Dunes beach. Both are great beach for all ages and fantastic place to spend a day or two in the area.

Beach of Delray Beach

From 2003 to 2008, Delray Beach has experienced a huge building boom, new homes and settlements emerged like mushrooms after the rain. Most of the new houses was build to the south and north of Atlantic Avenue. The resulting two new municipal garages, which are designed to accommodate a huge number of cars and create parking spaces in Delray Beach area. There is still huge influx of new residents moving to Delray Beach area, especially from northern states and Canada. People buying property here constantly.

There is Tri-Rail stop in Delray Beach. You can arrive here directly from the airport in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.
Top things to do in Delray Beach: Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, the American Orchid Society Visitor Center and Botanical Garden, another Roji-en Japanese Garden, Cason Cottage, Old School Square, the Arts Centre of Delray Beach, the Artist Guild Tennis Center in Delray Beach, Spady Museum, South Country Courthouse, and the nearby marshes – Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

Buying a house in Delray Beach Florida

If you are thinking of buying property in Delray Beach, this town is a perfect place to have a home in the U.S. in Florida, due to its excellent beaches, and all the cultural attractions that await you after buying a home in Delray Beach. There is also a huge expat community in Delray Beach, people from all over the world live here. When it comes to health care, is available to residents of the Delray Medical Center, employing nearly 1,600 people.

The climate here as in other towns of this part of Florida, is tropical, high humidity and sunshine all year round. Browse Activa Realty property listings from Delray Beach, Florida. Houses, properties, apartments, condos and villas for sale. Invest in one of the best places in Florida, foreign real estate ownership in the United States. See also all comunities where we sell property in Florida south east.

Luxury living

In Delray Beach, Florida, you will find everything you need for luxury living and top quality housing in Florida. There are plenty of excellent restaurants, good shops, supermarkets and places where you can have a great dinner with friends and family. Coastal pubs and restaurants offer throughout the year, not just place for a good meal of seafood, but also the friendly atmosphere and high quality lifestyle of South Florida.

Luxury property in Delray Beach
Luxury properties in Delray Beach

In Delray Beach you will find health clinics, beautiful golf courses are available, local pharmacies, shops, banks and ATMs which you can use, when you run out of your dollars during a trip to Florida. In Delray Beach, you will find also a local real estate agencies which works on a daily basis, with our real estate agency. With us you will always find the best real estate investments in this part of Florida.

Why to invest in Delray Beach

To buy a house in Delray Beach is worth an effort and is worth your dollars. You are buying a good property in good location. Also consider rental property investment. Here you will quickly begin to receive income from the rental house. Whether it’s for holiday rental or long term rental property. Both investment options will bring good profits and steady cash flow for the owner of the property. Rental properties in Florida is very strong and the demand for houses and apartments to rent for holiday or long term rental at any time of the year, will bring strong results for the investor.

For this, you need to use an American Internet property portals offering property to rent for vacation in Florida, or long term rental property in Delray Beach. If you buy a house or condo in Delray Beach, and decide to rent it, certainly such an investment would produce the expected financial results.

Location, location, location

It should also be remembered that a good location in Delray Beach, and relatively close proximity to the city of Miami International Airport, from where there are flights not only to other parts of the U.S. and Canada, but also the different parts of Europe. From Miami International Airport, it is best to hire a car and drive to Delray Beach, and to its destination. Whether if you are on vacation in Florida, whether if you drive to your own home in south east Florida.

There are other airports in this part of Florida. Nearby, the International Airport in Fort Lauderdale and smaller – Boca Raton Airport and the airport in West Palm Beach.
If you are coming to Miami you will get to Delray Beach by taxi, Uber, bus or commuter train Tri Line. The most convenient and cheapest means of transport along the east coast of Florida. Public transport works very well here.

Delray Beach

International hot spot

Delray Beach town in Florida is a very multicultural place in southern Florida. Although area is dominated by white people, as most citizens of Delray Beach and Boca Raton, however here you will meets a lot of ethnic minorities and people from every corner of the globe, working and living in the United States.

Living here, not just the Americans from the north U.S., but also Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Brazilians and Colombians. There are also Russians and representatives of the Polish community in the United States, owning real estate in Florida. A lot of Americans of Polish descent and Polish people living in the United States, has its own real estate in Florida and enjoys a wonderful climate of Florida and enjoy the life and the beautiful beaches of Florida.

Property presentation in Delray Beach

In our presentation of the real estate in Florida, there are photos of homes in Florida in Delray Beach, is given the exact yardage of each property are given the parameters of the property, and the year of its construction. Is given a detailed description of each property, along with the living area, number of bedrooms, access to the pool and attractions on the estate. It’s also given the distance from the beach and away from the nearest golf courses of the apartment or house.

New listings from Delray Beach and Boca Raton

What to do after property purchase

Delray Beach is a first class tourist resort, but also a diverse, creative and active citizens place, on the Atlantic coast, who make up the population of the city in Palm Beach County. This tiny town, but with the style and flair of the big city. Delray Beach is located between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Delray Beach is a 35-40 minute drive from the airport in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, and only 1 hour drive from the airport in Miami. In Delray Beach, you’ll find everything: culture, history and art. Not only luxury, American real estate.

Downtown area of Delray Beach Atlantic Avenue, which runs from I-95 to the ocean. It is the longest main road in Florida. On this avenue there are plenty of shops, boutiques, and is a place for walking, not only in search of good opportunities for shopping in Florida. It is also excellent restaurants, shops, pubs and bars, as well as nightly entertainment. Here you can go with friends to have nice dinner or a sumptuous dinner of seafood, and much more.

Local festivities and events

Every year in this place hosts a number of local festivals known throughout Florida. It takes place here the annual Garlic Festival, and the festival Delray Affair. Also on Christmas, city council put 100 feet  Christmas tree. Atlantic Avenue is also the place where as many as six times a year there is an exhibition of art, shows international cuisine, where you can sample food from the most diverse corners of the globe, as well as local restaurants in Delray Beach. Also live music and road shows.

Downtown Delray Beach is also exploding art scene of Florida. Something for the eyes and for the soul. More than 20 art galleries and public places featuring local art and artists. The new space is a Pineapple Grove Arts Districts and Gallery Walks attract visitors and locals Delray Beach.

Delray Beach houses
Houses for sale in Delray Beach area

For the tourist in Delray Beach

If you do not live in Delray, and you’re going to visit the city on vacation to Florida, the Delray Beach offers plenty of accommodation for tourist and travellers. From the apartments on the beach, to the luxury hotels in Delray Beach. Everything in the style of a tropical, South Florida.

Best hotel in the area Sunday House and Restaurant opened in 1902, offers the opportunity to swim in the pool in the style of Mexican cenotes. It’s worth a stroll among tropical vegetation in this wonderful hotel. Another good place to stay in Delray Beach is 27 available rooms at the Key West style hotel – Crane’s Beach House. If you are in the mood, you can plan your stay at Seagate Hotel and Spa. It’s a fine place to stay in Delray Beach. Also try Marriot hotel in Delray Beach.

Town of Delray Beach has excellent award winning sandy beach, where water sports can be practiced throughout the year. Delray Beach offers not only beach and sun of Florida, but also the culture, historical places to visit, museums, art exhibitions, golf courses, tennis courts and other unique attractions characteristic only of that part of Florida. Nearby there is also a huge shopping malls where you can enjoy a pre-Christmas shopping and buy some real bargains in the U.S., low prices and discounts.
20 minutes by car, take you to Everglades, wildlife and typical vegetation and wildlife of Florida.

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