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Property with laundry for sale in Florida

If you never been to Florida and you never search for properties in Florida south east for sure you are not familiar with laundry system in Florida’s properties. In many condo buildings in Florida there are laundry outside the unit, outside the apartment. This was a very common building practice in 70-ies and 80-ies in last century.

Until today so many condos in Florida do not have washing machine and dryer inside the unit. Even the very expensive and luxurious properties in Florida sometimes do not have a washing machine and dryer machine inside the property. You have to go outside to do your laundry and wash your clothes.

In some condos under the Home Owner Association rules there is no possibility to install the washing machine and dryer in the unit. In some condos some property owners illegally install the washing machine and dryer machine. Check properties in Florida for sale and for rent with laundry.

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