Florida tourist attractions – top places to visit during your stay in Florida. Which Florida attractions to choose? Where to start exploring this fantastic state? Here you will find useful information about Florida’s top tourist attractions in United States. It’s impossible to list all the attractions in the “sunny state” of the USA but we will try on this website where you should learn about houses for sale in Florida and property investment in Florida. Florida state is just like a large country, where you can travel for weeks and months, and rediscover all kinds of tourist attractions, historical and so many interesting places.

Historic museums, national parks and reserves, Florida’s stunning beaches and historical curiosities testify to the rich history of this region of the United States. Your visit to this state will depend primarily on the amount of time you intend to spend exploring Florida state. Will it be a few days, a week, two weeks or a whole month.

For how long to come to Florida

If you plan to visit the United States and you will come to Florida for 3 days, do not even dare tell your friends that you have visited Florida. Yes! Really! You can say that you have visited Miami or Orlando at most. On the Internet, unfortunately, you will find a large number of bloggers and tik tokers, as well as “seasoned Internet travelers” who visit Florida for 3 days and saying “i saw all Florida!”. What nonsense and self-deception – what can you see here in 3 days …? Please, include those people in category “fake news” … really.

Tourist attractions Florida
The biggest tourist attractions in Florida

A guide to the attractions of Florida

In our Florida tourist attractions guide, we limit ourselves to listing the top Florida tourist attractions that you can visit and see during your stay in Florida during few weeks period. Only the most important tourist attractions in Florida. Also useful informations for people who buy property in Florida and want to spend more time then a short vacation in Florida.

Unless you live in Florida for an extended period or time here. Or you live here permanently and have plenty of time to explore the state. Information about Florida will certainly be useful for international and European tourists visiting Florida during their vacation or holiday in Florida, as well as for people who have their holiday apartment or vacation house in Florida here.

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Also for people who spend at least a few months of the year in Florida, the information below will help you plan your trip to Florida, and organize your visit to Florida on a sensible and logistically well-resolved trip to the United States.

A good plan is essential

It’s a good idea to plan your trip to Florida wisely, especially if you are traveling with your family to the USA and young children. You need to check the local weather in Florida and decide what time of the year will be the most favorable for me to go there and how to reconcile work and professional life in my country with holidays in Florida. See practical information on how to organize a nice trip to Florida.

Tourist attractions Florida

Remember that the summer months in Germany, Sweden and Europe, i.e. the holiday months of July and August, are the low holiday season in Florida. This is due to the very high temperatures prevailing in Florida during this period of the year. Not everyone is satisfied with the very high humidity and heat when traveling and exploring the south of the USA and Florida.

Unless you only plan on lying on the beaches of Florida and visiting pubs and nightclubs in the hours after dark. It’s worth planning a trip to Florida wisely and adapting your strength and capabilities to the tropical and subtropical climate in Florida. Especially in southern Florida area.

Florida's greatest tourist attractions


Miami and Miami Beach

Definitely Florida’s most exciting city. Number one destination in souther United States. Latin Miami’s lifestyle and in one word “Welcome to Miami” as Will Smith sang. Feel this atmosphere! Magnificent, sky-high buildings, luxury mansions, luxury waterfront houses and skyscrapers, just like from the series broadcast in communist Eastern Europe, entitled: “Miami Vice”. The fantastic atmosphere of Miami and endless sandy beaches filled with sexy and less sexy bodies … Lincoln Road and Espanola Way with great restaurants and nightclubs in Miami. See also the chapter in our guide, titled – first sightseeing in Miami.

Miami is one of the world’s most popular cities for vacation and international leisure. Fantastic place for all ages, fantastic people and great fun, and excellent cuisine at any time of the year. 12 months a year, 7 days per week, fun and a great dream vacation. The number 1 tourist destination in Florida is the city of Miami. Don’t forget to check out Miami’s stunning art deco architecture. Amazing atmosphere, amazing city. Read on what to do in Miami by day and night in our guide not only for Florida real estate investors and property hunters.

Miami Florida tourist attractions
Miami in Florida number 1 tourist destination in the state

Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach

Are you looking for perfect Florida’s beaches and a slightly quieter atmosphere than nearby busy Miami? Fort Lauderdale, known as the Venice of Florida, might just be the place to be for your perfect Florida vacation and spot to stay for a relax. A total of 25 miles of beautiful, sandy, filled with people (but not to crowdy) beaches in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, on the way to Boca Raton, where the Activa Realty real estate office is located in Florida Palm Beach county.

A great place for a nice family holiday in Florida for “beach-lovers”. Nothing more, nothing less than packing and walking to the beach in Florida! See more information about Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach properties. The name Pompano of the city comes from a species of fish, caught in this part of the coast and southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The city also has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a memorable Florida vacation.

Beautiful, sandy beaches, slightly cheaper hotels in Pompano Beach and apartments to rent than nearby Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Pompano Beach has a beautiful seaside promenade, great international selection of restaurants, nice and pleasant streets, lots of services for tourists and residents. In a word, the perfect vacation spot in Florida. Not to mention investing in real estate and buying a holiday apartment in Pompano Beach. This place is loved by Canadians who live here a lot. Also Poles, Italians, Russians and Indians from Canada. Snowbirds also love Pompano Beach and spend their long winters in Florida here.

Pompano Beach coast
Pompano Beach in Florida

Key West

Key West, Florida – United States. An absolutely essential trip to Key West, Florida. Go there any time of the year. A wonderful, magical place, perfect for relaxation, good for a few days trip or a weekend break. Stand in line for a photo at Southwestern Point Buoy in USA. The place closest to Cuba and the southernmost point of the United States. See colorful roosters, almost tame, strolling proudly across entire Key West. Visit Sloppy Joe in Key West.

And those restaurants and pubs in Key West! And those numbers of Czechs on Key West. This city of Florida is home to a good number of Czech citizens, for information. It has been a tradition for many decades that the Czechs are settling on Key West. I could not find a rational explanation for this phenomenon anywhere. Maybe because the Czech Republic has no access to the sea …? Read more about Key West, Florida. Browse through a map of Key West in Florida.

Book a hotel on Key West and visit Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. Or maybe you and the whole family will enjoy a ride on the tourist train all over the city. The kids will be taken to the sky. It’s best to rent a car at the Miami airport and drive to Key West, enjoying the views of the Keys and the magnificent bridges that connect small islands (keys) between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Are you planning to visit Florida? Key West is a must! Preferably in December and January.

Key West Florida
Key West in Florida


Orlando Florida – another fantastic Florida vacation destination and one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world, not only in the continental USA. Do you have a numerous family in your household? So this is a place for you and a bunch of your children. Actually, the adult will also have a lot of fun in Orlando. Hundreds of attractions, excellent restaurants and the “starting point” to explore other Florida attractions: Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, EPCOT Center and Magic Kingdom. And there are several other amusement parks waiting for you and your dollars that are sure to be squandered at an alarming rate. You will be surprised how quickly it will happen!

There are also a few more attractions around Orlando area and nearby Kissimme. I think that a full week around Orlando should be enough to visit all the tourist attractions. Don’t believe those who say they saw Orlando in 3 days! They talk nonsense. Beware only the suburbs of Orlando, which are not very safe at night for inexperienced tourists from Eastern Europe or people living in safe Canada or peaceful Japan or South Korea. Read more about Orlando, Florida.

Orlando Florida tourist attractions top

EPCOT Center

A great place for the most curious and those who are willing to discover the secrets of this crazy world. Future of today’s and tomorrow’s technology at your fingertips. The abbreviation of the name of this park comes from the English words Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Of course, this is a large theme park designed by the Walt Disney team. Some worldwide visitors say that it is actually an amusement park for adults not for children.

It turns out that the children are bored of visiting the EPCOT Center. But hey! Is there a little child in all of us? A must visit for this Florida tourist attraction. One day should be enough to see most of the attractions here, including a not a very cheap meal in a restaurant and visits to the very clean and tidy restrooms on the premises.

Florida attractions EPCO~T~ theme park Florida Orlando area

Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando

Disney’s Hollywood Studios located in Orlando in central Florida. An absolute attraction number 1 for visitors from all over the world, for those interested in movies and the fantastic world of maverick Walt Disney. Cyclical shows all year around, thousands of attractions for children and adults also. It used to be called Disney MGM Studios Orlando. Mill wheel rides, carousels, rallies, educational performances for older and younger kids, also learn about the process of making Disney films here.

Actually, it’s very difficult to choose what to decide first when coming on vacation and visiting this place. Don’t forget to try your hand at the American edition of the Idol. One of the best tourist attractions in Florida. Take plenty of water or cooling drinks in your backpack, especially if you’re traveling in summer months.

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