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Fort Lauderdale property

Fort Lauderdale property for sale. Broward county. Apartments and houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale. After Miami, Fort Lauderdale is second most popular city in Florida regarding real estate investment. We do have great opportunities for sale from Fort Lauderdale property market.

Short sales and foreclosures property from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Houses, apartments and villas for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The current list of properties from Fort Lauderdale for sale in foreign real estate agency Activa Realty. Here you’ll discover current real estate prices in Fort Lauderdale and you will find the latest property for sale in Fort Lauderdale in South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale real estate market

Here you will find information about the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale. Up-to-date information about the decline and increases in property prices in Fort Lauderdale, about renting a property in Fort Lauderdale. As well as recent sales of homes and holiday apartments in Fort Lauderdale in Broward County.

Current information about the prices of houses and apartments in Fort Lauderdale. Information as useful for people wishing to buy a house or apartment in Fort Lauderdale. For sale we have houses, villas, luxury residences, with private land and building lots in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale property for sale

In real estate agency Activa Realty you will find new apartments from developers in Fort Lauderdale, deals of properties with a swimming pool and houses with own plot. Real estate listings of primary market and secondary market in Fort Lauderdale, as well as real estate listings of bank acquisitions, foreclosures. Short sales properties from banks in Florida and real estate have taken from owners, who were not able to pay off their mortgage obligations on an ongoing basis in u.s. banks and financial institutions.

When you decide to buy real estate in United States, you might want to take into account the dollar exchange rate against the euro or your local currency. The currency in which we get revenue. Exchange rate for the currency may play a decisive role when deciding on the purchase of real estate in the United States.

Fort Lauderdale – destination not only for real estate investors

City of Fort Lauderdale is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean – Florida in the United States. Another name for what is known this holiday city is a “Venice of America” due to a large number of water channels in this wonderful city in South Florida, not far from Miami.
Fort Lauderdale is located in Broward County in Southeast Florida.

Fort Lauderdale has about 175,000 inhabitants. The city primarily is known for its beaches, night life and as a great place to shop. Fort Lauderdale is also known well for investors in real estate, mostly from Western Europe, and primarily investors from United Kingdom.

During the property “boom” that went through America, many professional and less professional real estate investors, visited Fort Lauderdale and bought here real estate. Apartments, houses, villas, and other estates, and commercial premises.
City of Fort Lauderdale is not big, but also Fort Lauderdale is also used to describe the entire area this part of Florida, then the population of this region rises to 5.5 million people.

Climate to day for

The climate in Fort Lauderdale is a typical tropical humid climate. Summers in Fort Lauderdale are very humid, sultry and very hot with high temperatures above 30 degrees C. Most precipitation are in the summer months, or during the rainy season. Winters are dry and colder, it’s dry season in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale also has excellent flight connections to Europe, Latin America, and other airports in the United States. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport serves several million passengers a year. This is one of the largest airports in Florida. Another way to get to Fort Lauderdale, is the airport in Miami, which is from Fort Lauderdale just 25 miles away.

A wide range of houses, apartments and holiday property in Florida

In our offer from real estate agency in Florida Activa realty we have for you: bungalows in Fort Lauderdale, on housing estates called 55+, for those seeking peace and tranquility in Florida. We have Florida real estate on the golf courses and accommodation with sea views and views of the ocean in Fort Lauderdale.

The most prestigious locations for the purchase of real estate and investment in Fort Lauderdale. We offer also commercial real estate for sale and for lease in Fort Lauderdale. We have property for sale such as stores, shops, restaurants for sale, bars and Internet cafes for sale and lease.

Home for sale Fort Lauderdale Florida USA

Also offers of hotels for sale in Fort Lauderdale and wholesale stores and warehouses for sale in Fort Lauderdale. However, the main branch of Activa realty activity in Fort Lauderdale is selling holiday property in Florida. As well as investment property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See also Florida property news

What property in Fort Lauderdale

Check also offer of terraced houses in Fort Lauderdale, offer studios and bedsits for sale in Fort Lauderdale, and eventually offer to sell land for building a house in Fort Lauderdale. We have any kind of estates in Fort Lauderdale area. This is an opportunity to build your own real estate in Florida and home design to your specification. For our customers, we offer a huge selection of apartments and houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale and its immediate environs of this picturesque corner of the south-east of Florida.

Property search in Fort Lauderdale

When you go on a review of real estate in Florida with one of our Activa Realty agents on the occasion of viewing real estate in Fort Lauderdale, you might want to check and compare the offers of real estate prices in nearby locations in this part of Florida. It’s worth to go to Sunrise, check property prices in Wilton Manors. Oakland Park, Lauderhill, North Andrews Gardens, Dania Beach real estate. Apartments for sale in Lauderdale Lakes, also land for sale in Plantation and luxury real estate in the area of ​​Davie.

Other good locations well worth the investment in the Fort Lauderdale real estate is Hollywood, real estate in Pompano Beach, North Lauderdale, Tamarac, Cooper City and property in Coconut Creek. These are just a few locations in Fort Lauderdale worthy of overseas investment in real estate in Florida.

Florida lifestyle in Fort Lauderdale for every budget

Fort Lauderdale is a huge city in Florida and you’ll find all the services that are necessary for a happy and prosperous life in the United States. Even if your investment will only be in a holiday home, you will definitely fall in love with the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, and in the most exclusive residential areas and luxury developments in the region.

Let us not forget that around Fort Lauderdale is a mecca for golfers. Be sure to also check the real estate listings next to the canals in Fort Lauderdale and water front properties. Some of the houses have their own docks and quay, where you can moor your boat or water craft. Some people commute to work by own boat without using the car in the town.

Fort Lauderdale picture street

All services

W Fort Lauderdale’s are banks, branches of all the major financial institutions and Amarican insurance companies. There are plenty of shopping malls, other shops, car rental companies, pharmacies, health clinics, fine dining and great nightlife. Entertainment and work dominates the city.

There is an excellent connection to the airport in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Airport, and the airport in West Palm Beach. Those are alternative places to get to Fort Lauderdale from abroad by air. From the airport to Fort Lauderdale is best reached by taxi, use local transport bus or by train.

Why to invest in Fort Lauderdale Florida

The city is one of South Florida’s best locations to live in the country. Fort Lauderdale is a very respected location in terms of foreign investment in real estate and buying a home in the U.S. Fort Lauderdale has everything you need to have a luxury lifestyle. Excellent school, university, excellent shopping centers, fitness clubs and gyms. One of the largest malls in Florida – Colonnades is located just in Fort Lauderdale. Flock here on a shopping trip people from around the world.

Regarding real estate market in Fort Lauderdale, works here plenty of real estate agencies. With a few of them works our real estate office, listing the best offers to sell houses and apartments in Fort Lauderdale. For our clients we also have prepared an offer to help in obtaining a mortgage at a bank in Fort Lauderdale to buy a home or any investment in Fort Lauderdale. See also Activa Realty services

Fort Lauderdale property listings

On our website we offer every home or apartment in Fort Lauderdale for sale. Property is exactly as described and is placed on the Google map, easy to find by a customer. There are photos of real estate, sometimes very good quality, fully reflecting the values ​​of a particular house or apartment for sale from our property portfolio. However, not all offers have good photographs. There should be not discouraged for some real estate in Fort Lauderdale, just watching the pictures on our website.

The description of each property include information about square feet of living space, information about the number of bedrooms. Number of bathrooms, and information about quality of kitchen equipment. There is information about the location and type of housing in which the property is located. In addition, there are information about the distance to the nearest schools, distance from the beach and golf course. All of this is to make it easier to make a decision about buying real estate in Florida.

Investment in real estate apartment for holiday rent or long rentals in Fort Lauderdale

Once you become the rightful owner of the house in Florida, after signing any documents related to the purchase of real estate, you can start renting your property and start to enjoy decent profits from your foreign investment. You might want to do it sensibly and well planned such a financial undertaking.

Some estates in Fort Lauderdale impose limitations on the possibility of property rentals by the owner. For example, you can not rent the property for the first 2 or 3 years. You are unable to keep pets on the estate. Our agency will inform you exactly about  the rules prevailing on the urbanizations in Fort Lauderdale before you deciding to purchase any property. See Activa Realty property rentals

Real estate in Fort Lauderdale you can rent for holiday rental and long term rental. These two options differ very much from each other. If it is not in your plans to use your property throughout the year, you can rent an apartment or house for vacation rentals and charging holidaymakers for rent. To do this, you need to add your property to the appropriate American Classifieds portals and websites dedicated to holiday rental in the United States.

Bookings for the holidays, customers can make over the internet. With a bit of luck we can generate a sizable income from real estate in Florida. Profits from rental we can spend on charges relating to the maintenance of the real estate in Florida, such as HOA fees (Home Owner Association), property taxes, and current repair of the house. Also to pay off the mortgage on the property, if any.

Long term rentals Fort Lauderdale

In the case of long-term rental properties in Fort Lauderdale-get ready for this. That you will not be able to benefit from your estate through next year. To find a good tenant for our apartment in Florida you should give notice about renting to local press in Fort Lauderdale and wait for a phone call from a prospective tenant.

It’s worth select well candidates for renting an apartment. You need to check references and credit history such a potential tenant. After that it remains only to wait for the money from the rental property to our bank account in Florida.
It’s a good way to enlarge your overseas investment property portfolio, as well as increase your monthly cash flow.

Cosmopolitan melting pot

Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding Miami area is a very cosmopolitan mix of people. Lives here, a lot of foreigners from every corner of the globe. Not only Americans and Canadians dominate, as a holiday property owners in Florida, but also other nations are investing in Fort Lauderdale and they own, sometimes very expensive and ultra luxury real estates in the area.

Party Fort Lauderdale

Living here citizens of Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and Belgium. Also the Chinese and Indians have a property in Fort Lauderdale. Polonia (Polish community) in Fort Lauderdale are also the owners of the homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some people live here on a permanent basis, and some people are retirees who spend their late years of they life in retirement in Florida. Soaking up the warm Florida’s sun and enjoy pristine beaches.
If you are thinking about this alternative come to the Activa Realty office in city of Boca Raton in Florida. We will find for you the appropriate property for your autumn live in Fort Lauderdale.

South Florida a good place to settle down

South Florida is a great place to settle down in Florida and buy property in this corner of Broward County. At some period of the year Florida East Coast haunt hurricanes and heavy rains. But that does not prevent people thinking about good investments and capital investments in the United States. Not only to save your money at a bank or savings accounts, but first and foremost, invest accordingly your capital and reap the profits from it and live life to the fullest and enjoy your wealth.

Our foreign real estate agency will advise and suggest where best to invest in Florida. What locations to take into consideration when making such an important decision, which is buying a home abroad. Advice and consulting in real estate from the best investment in the United States.

Let’s work together to find your dream house in Florida

Just call us or write us an e-mail with your property requirments. We will find a perfect property for you and your family in sunny Florida state.