Live in Florida. Where and how to start? Florida in the United States is a dream place for every person who thinks soberly about today’s world. About the current realities and issues of quality and lifestyle. And especially in today’s crazy “covid” and “post-covid” times. Not only the great climate and high temperatures, but also the very high quality of life and services for people residing in the USA attract thousands of people to Florida to spend their retirement or invest in real estate in Florida.

Where to on retirement

More and more people in Europe also ask themselves the question: where to live in the so-called “Old years”? Where is the best place to live in retirement? Should you become attached to European Union, or maybe look for a home in a warmer climate and in nicer place in the world? By the way, see the section on climate and weather in Florida. The economically (after all) developing Europe and the richer society of European countries more and more resemble the United States.
But is it really so. Does prosperity in Europe increase year by year …? Is there a lifestyle you dream about in those countries…? Will this ever happen…?

Miami Florida
Miami in Florida

Live in Florida?

It is natural, that savvy people with financial stability are looking for a place, house, villa or apartment, not only for leisure, but also for long-term living, and american – Florida real estate as a good capital investment. For a financially stable and financially free person, buying a Florida real estate is a great idea for the future. It’s not only an investment, but an improvement in the quality of life and an “excuse” to go abroad to your home more often, for example a house in Florida.

But Florida is, in our opinion, the absolute number one in the world for this type of investment and great place to move to “warm countries”. The climate of this part of the USA is wonderful, although the summer months can be a bit overwhelming with high humidity and high temperatures, especially in the area of ​​South Florida, Miami, Hollywood, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Meyers, Naples, also Sarasota, Key West, all the way to West Palm Beach. A little further north, it is not much cooler.

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Where to settle on Florida

West or east? North or south? Miami, or Tampa. Sarasota or Port St. Lucie? Those questions ask themself thousand of people planning to move to Florida in next couple of years ahead. Below, we present some suggestions for good locations to live in Florida all year around. These are just a few selective examples.

The state of Florida is huge, there are cities, villages and pretty towns where it’s worth living and buying a house in Florida, but the following locations are the most important places that we will try to bring closer to potential investors in Florida real estate. For a European, the only thing that can stop him, is a 10-12 hour flight from European continent to Florida, but doing it 2 or 3 times a year is real thing. See also a map of Florida airports.

Miami Florida property view
Florida properties next to the beach and Intracoastal

Permanent living in Florida is also somehow limited for us Europeans by the length of our legal stay in the United States of America. Most of the citizens of the European Union can stay legally in the United States for only 3 or 6 months per year. Owning here real estate in Florida doesn’t change that either. But this applies to all European citizens. But 6 months is enough time to live and “enjoy” Florida. We can have at least winters and rainy days in northern Europe behind us. See also Florida’s top tourist attractions and state sightseeing on the peninsula.

Got something to do in Florida? Are you interested in official and administrative matters in Florida state? View and learn about all the counties of Florida.

The best places in Florida to buy property

Florida is a very large state in the USA, with nearly 22 million inhabitants (officially registered). The size of the state of Florida can be compared to an average European country in the old continent. Where to settle down and where to buy real estate in Florida is also an extremely important issue for an any investor and person interested in retirement in Florida state. Florida’s regions are very different from each other. There are places with better and worse climates. There are places for the “poorer” and those with a thicker wallet. In our article we will try to bring you closer to Florida for a potential real estate investor. See also chapter the best hotels in Florida.

Every American and Canadian has known for a long time that Florida is the most attractive place to buy a property, house or apartment and settle in the North American continent. The fame of this state comes not only from its beautiful beaches and great climate, but also from amusement parks known to everyone in the world. The most famous and largest of them, Disney World, each year to Florida, attracts millions of tourists from the United States, Canada and virtually every corner of the world.
See also an interesting chapter in our guide – the best diving spots in Florida.

Luxury living in Florida state
Luxury lifestyle in Florida is available

Not everyone knows, but the east coast of Florida has over 1,200 miles of great, sandy beaches and beautiful coastline! Or maybe first you decide to take a trip to Florida from a travel agency to see how it really is?
In America, people consider Florida to be one of the best places in the US to live and live permanently. Florida also has, according to American statistics, the lowest number of criminal offenses per population. Where is the best place to buy Florida property and settle in this beautiful state? Here are some suggestions and the most important places to live in Florida:

The Best places to buy a real estate in Florida

Learn more about living and living in Miami and South East Florida.

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Learn more about living and living in Boca Raton and South East Florida.

Learn more about living and property buying in Tampa in Florida.

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Learn more about Fort Lauderdale living and property investing in Florida south east area.

Learn more about city of Pompano in south east Florida. Property purchase and practical issues about Pompano Beach. Living, working and investing.

Learn more about Tallahassee capital city of Florida.

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Learn more about the Jacksonville in western Florida. Attractions and things to explore in the city.

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Learn about living and investing in Sarasota and the biggest tourist attractions of Western Florida. Check which neighborhoods in Sarasota are best for buying an apartment or a house in the area.

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Learn about Naples living, properties in the area and places to settle down in this west Florida city.

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Find out more about Orlando properties for sale and rent, and practical living in Orlando. Also about the vicinity of famous resorts and amusement parks in this part of central Florida.

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Learn about Clearwater properties, living and tourist attractions in the city and the beaches.

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Explore this southernmost tip of the United States of America and the state of Florida. Everything about Key West. Sightseeing, Hotels, Reviews and Information for Key West Florida Visitors. Also properties in Key West guide for investors.

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Beaches Florida
West Florida beaches

Something different for everyone

The above locations are just a few of Florida’s most important cities and locations reasonable for investment in a home or condo in the state. It’s impossible to say exactly where the best place to live in Florida is. Everyone is looking for something different, each person has their own budget for real estate in Florida, everyone likes something different. There is a huge choice of properties to invest to.

For some, the beautiful and warm Atlantic Ocean and the open ocean will be most attractive, others may like the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast of Florida more. From Florida’s largest city, Jacksonville, to Key West in the south, close to Cuba, the state offers something different. Some of our suggestions for buying Florida real estate are below. There you will also find basic information about the largest cities in Florida, also good for a trip or a long-awaited vacation in Florida.

Miami and South East Florida area

Beautiful city of Miami is situated on the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast coast of Florida. Miami is the gateway to “basically” the Americas, North and South. Here, the Anglo-Saxon and Latin world are mixed together. Creole and Caribbean.

In Miami on the streets, you’ll hear both English and Spanish or Portuguese language. Russian, German and sometimes Polish. Miami is the cultural and economic center of South Florida. A cultural melting pot and the largest cruise port in this region of the world. Miami starts cruises and Caribbean tours, cheap tours to the Bahamas, tours along the US East Coast, and tours to Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean. Also interesting topic: Vacation in Miami

What prices for a house or apartment

Investing in a Miami home or apartment carries high real estate prices (in today’s market), high rental rates (high HOA), and expensive property taxes. Be prepared for this when searching for Miami apartments and real estate offers in those days. However, Miami and its surrounding neighborhoods are prestigious and one of the best places to live, not only in the United States, but also in the world. If you are looking for luxury, high-end real estate, something of the “high end”, buy an apartment in Miami Brickell or house in Miami. See the section on Buying Real Estate in Miami.

Luxury property Miami Brickell Florida
Luxury Miami properties for sale

Miami mansions are home to movie stars and celebrities of today’s film and music world. Many latino stars live here. Everyone knows Julio Iglesias home in Miami. Gianni Versace also lived in Miami, where he was murdered on the steps of his villa… alluding to crime and safety in Miami. All of Florida currently has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States. Florida now it’s one of the safest states in the USA to live in …

Miami is one of the largest cruise passenger ports in the world. Liners and passenger ships, the most famous carriers and cruise ships in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, have their home ports in Miami. Not only excursions and sea cruises, but Miami is also one of the largest seaports in the world and in the USA. Head over to the Miami guide on our United States real estate investment website, Florida, to be precise.

Who is Miami for

City of Miami also attracts very young and professional people, there are plenty of jobs available in tourism, hospitality and services. The best American universities are based or located in Miami. After all, language schools, mainly of Spanish and Portuguese, made Miami their center. Miami International Airport handles tens of millions of passengers a year. From here, it’s best to get a flight to Bogota in Colombia, San Jose in Costa Rica, Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Many flights to Havana, to Montevideo, to Panama and Kaymans.

Miami is loved by wealthy Latin Americans, not only Mexicans, but also Brazilians, Argentinians and Colombians. Miami is a cultural melting pot. A place full of great energy, full of life, amazing beaches, great designer shops, world-class famous restaurants and a place to show yourself and your wealth to the world. The ultra-rich Russians, property buyers in Miami, the owners of most expensive mansions and apartments above $ 10 million, boast their home in Miami. Here you will meet the famous, rich and undercover “bosses” of today’s world … In Miami there is also huge Jewish community.

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Luxury residences Miami property sales
Ritz Carlton Residences in Miami

City of Miami in Florida is always in the forefront in the American polls “Best places to live in the US“. Not only the great climate in Florida, but also the high quality of public services, such as hospitals, health clinics, and citizen service attract and tempt people to move to Miami. After all, the best plastic surgeons in the US practice in Miami and other top Florida cities. Just after California, Florida and Miami have the best plastic surgery clinics available in the country.

Here you can correct your lips, enlarge your breasts or do the professional liposuction. Not to mention the gorgeous white “American smile” regarding the dental services and veneers on your teeth.
Also the best American dentists and implantologists practice in Miami and have their dental, implantology and orthodontic clinics here. Do you dream of a real American smile? Look for a good dental clinic in Miami.

Tampa in Florida

Tampa Bay is located on the west coast of Florida in its northern part. It’s also a very attractive place to buy real estate in north west part of Florida in United States. Tampa Bay is the largest open bay in the United States, covering nearly 1,031 square kilometers. The port of Tampa is naturally protected by the waters of the gulf, and it’s also a great place to settle down if you’re thinking of moving to Florida. There are many opportunities to purchase real estate in Tampa area.

The seaport of Tampa is a very important industrial and transshipment center in southern USA. The beaches around Tampa have been attracting people for winter holidays and vacation all year around in this part of Florida for years. Tampa is considered one of the most attractive vacation destinations in Florida.

Real estate investors also often visit this place in search of cheap American real estate and real estate investment opportunities in Florida.
In addition to Tampa, towns such as Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Palm Harbor have a good place to settle in this part of Florida. A holiday trip to these regions of Florida is also a good opportunity to rest and “recharge the batteries”.

Beach of Clearwater near Tampa
Beach of Clearwater near Tampa

City of Tampa and its vicinity is also a place rich in culture, good schools, colleges and universities in this part of Florida. Throughout the year, a number of festivals, exhibitions and cultural events take place here. Good restaurants, fancy bars, extreme nightlife and great shops and supermarkets are familiar to everyone visiting Tampa in Florida.

One of the longest coastal boulevards, stretching for several miles along Tampa Bay, it attracts semi professional runners, cyclists and inline skaters on a daily basis. Many residents of Tampa love sports, a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their body. Many housing estates on which the real estate is located have communal swimming pools, which are also conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Tampa is also a fantastic place to search and buy Florida real estate. Go to your Tampa travel guide and see also the Tampa map.

Fort Lauderdale in Florida

The great city of Fort Lauderdale and its surroundings is well known especially to British and Swiss real estate investors looking for property investment opportunities in USA. Over the last few decades, the city of Fort Lauderdale has built up prestige and good image for people from abroad who want to invest in southern Florida. Especially before year 2008 and the global crisis on the real estate market.

No wonder Fort Lauderdale was so loved by investors from another countries. Fantastic beaches, “a stone’s throw” to Miami, great infrastructure and the international airport in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood, which has a large number of flights from London, other UK cities, as well as all of Western Europe and Latin America. Go to real estate listings from Fort Lauderdale.

Over the last few decades, Fort Lauderdale has grown around a maze of fantastic canals where it earned the nickname “Venice of America,” but you won’t find gondolas and gondoliers singing in Italian here, but yellow water taxis are available to tourists and residents of Fort Lauderdale … This tropical paradise that is Fort Lauderdale is one of the “top” tourist and leisure destinations in South East Florida. The city is known for its great food and gourmet international restaurants, great upper class hotels, entertainment venues and great nightlife. Even if you come to Fort Lauderdale alone, you won’t be bored as long as you leave your hotel or an apartment rented for vacation in Fort Lauderdale..

Fort Lauderdale Florida for vacation and investment
Fort Lauderdale Florida for vacation and investment

The main industry in Fort Lauderdale is tourism bringing so many dollars to the town coffers. So for those planning to move and live in Fort Lauderdale, hospitality and tourism education will be essential. Fort Lauderdale is also famous for the largest factories and shipyards in the US, producing luxury yachts, ships and cruise ships sailing in the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. One of the largest cruise ports is located in Fort Lauderdale. See also where to golf in Florida – the best golf courses in Florida.

For those planning to live here, move here or purchase property in Fort Lauderdale, it will be a bull’s eye on a Florida investment target. Fort Lauderdale is not as expensive as Miami and the climate, beaches, and lifestyle are similar. And less than an hour’s drive to Miami will take you back to the “Latin” capital of Florida. View verified Fort Lauderdale car rentals. Go to the Fort Lauderdale travel guide on our website.

Pompano Beach in Florida

We sell properties in Pompano Beach area in Palm Beach county. The Pompano Beach area is a region of south-eastern Florida. It’s only a dozen miles north of Fort Lauderdale. Pompano Beach is part of Broward County, known for its great beaches and great places to buy a home in Florida south east. Over the past few decades, this area of ​​Florida has transformed from modest resort, to destinations for residents and “snow birds” who have decided to buy real estate here and live in Pompano Beach permanently.

The owners of the houses, apartments and villas in Pompano Beach are Canadians, a huge number of people from New York and the northern, “cold” states of the USA. Many people have taken this step, selling their home in the North of the US and Canada and moving to Pompano Beach in Broward County and settling down here permanently. Pompano is a cheaper location than the neighboring Boca Raton, where our real estate agency is located.

Pompano Beach
Apartments in Pompano Beach to buy

But crowds of tourists from all over US also come here, especially in the high season, which lasts from Christmas to April. Until a twenty years ago, this area of ​​Broward County was a bastion of American retirees and pensioners. Right now, a large number of young, energetic and enterprising people are relocating to Pompano Beach, whether continuing their professional career or launching their new business in Florida.

Pompano Beach is considered to be one of the more expensive real estate investment destinations in Florida today. Although definitely cheaper than neighboring Boca Raton. It is a prestigious location. Pompano Beach ad campaigns touting the city as Florida’s number one vacation destination did their job. However, the current boom in the US housing market and relatively low property prices in this part of the US are attracting investors and bargain property hunters. You can find great deals on houses, apartments and villas to buy in Pompano Beach. Go to the Pompano Beach guide.

Boca Raton in Florida

One of Florida’s hidden gems. Although maybe not today … Boca is already well known for those looking for the best place in Florida to purchase real estate . This is where our real estate office is located. A very beautiful and peaceful city in a relatively short distance from the airports in Miami and international airport of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Boca Raton has beautiful estates, condominiums for sale, and top quality villas and properties for those seeking the highest standards when it comes to buying real estate in Florida. The beautiful beaches of Boca Raton, every year from March to October, are visited by green turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches of Boca Raton … Find out more about Boca Raton, Florida

If you like peace, quiet, high quality of life and luxury real estate, look for a house or villa in Boca Raton. This small city, by American standards, has about 150,000 residents only. You will find great restaurants, clubs, great nightlife, great shopping malls, fantastic hotels, and many entertainment venues. Florida Atlantic University FAU is based in Boca Raton. It is a city for young, modern people, for businessmen and people looking for top-class real estate in the USA.

City of Boca Raton in Florida to quality properties for sale
City of Boca Raton in Florida to quality properties for sale

Boca Raton have so many nice things to enjoy and explore while you will be living here. Great schools and kindergartens (pre schools). One of the best and most famous gyms and fitness clubs in the United States is located in Boca Raton. It was here that Mariusz Pudzianowski trained with the best coaches in the United States. Today Joanna Jędrzejczyk – our famous competitor – trains here. Not only sports centers, but most of all luxury real estate and excellent neighborhoods attract real estate investors to Boca Raton, Florida. These are just a few of the fantastic sites in Boca Raton, Florida. Go to the Boca Raton guide.

Tallahassee capital of Florida

The nice and friendly city of Tallahassee is the capital of Florida. Not everyone is aware of it, associating the capital of Florida with Miami. American history meets Florida modernity at Tallahassee. Florida’s administrative center and state agencies have their headquarters here, and government agencies have their offices in city of Tallahassee. Tallahassee is known for its good and numerous schools, over a dozen universities and colleges. Also some people choose to buy a real estate here.

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Tallahassee should be considered by those, wishing to move to Florida and living in Florida who are looking for a career in education and training. For example teachers, university lecturers, translators, etc. There are relatively few people from Europe who own real estate in this town. Tallahassee is not as popular as other cities more to the south for real estate investment in the world by foreigners. Comparing to Orlando where so many Europeans bought real estate in Orlando. Go to the Tallahassee travel guide. See also Florida history on our website – plenty of very interesting information about Florida’s past.

Living in Tallahassee in Florida
Living in Tallahassee in Florida

Jacksonville in Florida

Jacksonville is the largest city in entire Florida, also one of the most famous cities in the state. Energy, youth and entrepreneurship. A very modern city in Florida. You can get to every corner of Jacksonville by subway or by Uber. In the evenings, downtown is filled with students and young people starting their careers and businesses. Jacksonville will be a good place for someone starting their professional life, with plans to open a business or looking for a well-paid job in Florida. Lots of foreigners works in Jacksonville’s hospitals, especially people from India and Pakistan.

Jacksonville residents are famous for their hospitality and courtesy for new residents. They create an extraordinary atmosphere in the city and make many people from other parts of the USA settle in Jacksonville permanently. The city center, or the American expression “downtown”, would be good for real estate purchases by young families starting their adventure with Jacksonville.

The city is located in the north-east part of Florida peninsula. It is well connected with other cities in Florida and rest of the USA. There are no typical European-owned housing estates here, but there are quite a few housing estates owned by Canadians or residents of the northern US states. Go to the Jacksonville guide.

Small Florida's towns good for living

Florida is a large state, (see Florida map here), there are many beautiful and extremely attractive cities, towns and villages that are perfect for buying US real estate. It’s impossible to list them all in our Florida guide, but it is also worth mentioning Panama City Beach, in the northern part of Florida, a city located on the Gulf of Mexico.

Map of Florida
Source of the image

The city of Panama City is famous for its “Spring Break” for young people from American schools who come to Panama City Beach for a big spring party. If you’re interested in these kinds of attractions, visit Panama City Beach. But be prepared for the crowds, not only on the beaches but in bars, restaurants and clubs. But it is a great experience, regardless your age.

Other Florida locations to consider

Other places known not only to foreign investors to consider when buying property in the US are city of Ft. Myers on west coast, a city very well known to Poles – Sarasota, and Naples, on the west coast of Florida, on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Is it worth to live in Florida? Yes. For people looking for a property for retirement, it will be good to look for places that are calm, safe and with a rather “lazy” atmosphere. Peaceful and quiet are the keywords that you should consider when searching for the best Florida real estate deals. Marco Island is also worth checking out. Although prices are high in this area.
Such a place, among others, is the city of Boca Raton, where the Activa real estate office is located. Contact our real estate agents and we will certainly find something unique for you at an attractive price.

Number 1 location

Florida is the best place in the world to “retire”, (much better then Australia if you thinking world wide) and live a peaceful life of luxury and prosperity. First of all, the climate, beautiful beaches, relatively inexpensive real estate, great services and services for residents. The best health service, hospitals, top-class retirement homes. For the elderly, there is a whole range of clubs of all kinds, places to meet, entertain and socialize. Also read a practical guide to for investors USA.

But Florida is not only a place for pensioners and retirees in the US. The largest businesses in the USA flourish here, young and enterprising people open new businesses every day, the best universities and schools in the USA are in Florida. An investment or real estate, Florida has all the best America has to offer.

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