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Property buying Florida. Real estate for sale in the United States by Activa realty – new international real estate agency based in Boca Raton area (Palm Beach county – Florida). View houses, apartments and villas in the United States, for sale. Welcome to our realties sales office in Florida, where you will find the best offer for sale from today’s real estate market.

Both primary and secondary property market in the United States. The current real estate boom and high property prices in the U.S., and the fact the global coronavirus pandemia is still on which last from 2020. After all, creates the opportunity for a professional real estate investor. Now is the time of incredible opportunity to purchase a home or apartment in Florida and USA. Not cheaper – but to enjoy low interests rates from the banks.

Current credit availability and reasonably property prices in Florida, offers for the right buyer a great opportunities and the idea of ​​an good investment in the future.

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There will come a time that the housing market will be reborn and U.S. property prices glide up again. Let us not forget that it is the largest and richest economy in the world.
Best of all, this famous crisis after pandemia Covid, is just not visible on the streets of United States. In American restaurants, or in stores and shopping malls, which are full of customers and eating expensive meals and delicious dinners.

It’s an unusual thing observe how looks like a “crisis” on foreign real estate markets. However, statistics from the U.S. and research experts in the real estate industry indicate alarming declines in the numbers of houses sold and quantities taken out mortgages in the U.S. However, this is slowly changing, and you can see that foreign real estate markets are slowly returning to normal level.

US good investment always

Real estate in the world in developed countries such as the United States, it is a good investment associated with a low risk investment. In countries with dynamic economies, as always, you can quickly sell a house or an apartment, or take care of the rental property abroad for yourself and generate steady rental income and monthly cash flow. Is much room for maneuver, and the risk for the investor is relatively small.

Florida’s real estate is governed by its own rules. Here, the best locations, high quality properties and well located, are not “affected” by Coronavirus crisis and rising property prices. Part of the property is overrated and can be purchased at a lower price, but the property in good locations always are well priced. Yes, as a rule, is everywhere in the world, and it is similar in Florida. This is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world.

Generally, owners of real estate who want to sale in the United States, property in Florida, are divided into those, that need to sell and those they want to sell? What is the difference between these two groups? Someone who has a mortgage on the property and pays high monthly installments and have financial problems will certainly want to sale faster, own apartment or house.

By contrast, a well-off person, with financial back-up will not hurry the sale of the property and wait for a good customer, interested in a good location and easily sell own house in the U.S. for the prices they wish to sell. We’ve simplified a little reasoning to show to you, how property sales in Florida look like at the moment.

Service for our customers

For our customers, we strive to always find the best “deal”. There is a huge choice of properties to which we have access in our office. We use the U.S. real estate database, property database of the regional real estate for sale in Florida. Only a part of apartments, villas and plots is shown on our website.
The difference in price is not there, the property is usually the same price as other real estate agencies in the U.S. and Florida.

Mortgage in US banks

What about a mortgage loan to purchase real estate in the U.S.? Still, we can for our customers, get the mortgage lending up to 70% of property value. Good times in the U.S. are gone when you could get 80% -90% or more mortgage lending. Banks in the U.S. are less likely to lend money, especially to foreigners. Down payment and own contribution of 30 to 35% will help us to obtain a mortgage loan to buy a house or apartment in Florida.

From the perspective of a foreign investor, there were mortgages available to the buyer wish to invest in property in the U.S., as a second home or as an investment in the United States at the lowest level in years. A mortgage for an amount exceeding $ 500,000 for a minimum of 15 years at an interest rate of 3.875% deposit (down payment) of 25%.
In our offer of real estate sales in the U.S. and in Florida you will find many of these types of homes, villas and apartments for sale.

Our service overseas regarding property sales in the United States, is addressed to people dreaming of home, residence or villa in Florida. Buying property in the U.S. is not easy and the process of getting a mortgage, checking the legal status of the property, and finally the end of the sales process, so-called. “property closing” is completely different from the sale of real estate in Europe. Also, different them other real estate markets abroad.

The sale of real estate in the United States, can only deal a licensed and trained agent who has completed relevant courses and passed the appropriate state exams. Real estate trade in the U.S. is strictly regulated. Each real estate office needs appropriate licenses to open this type of business, and finally, the agent needs to pass appropriate exams to be able to sell real estate in Florida. See also Activa Realty services

Finally, the mere opening of a bank account in the U.S., it’s not easy, not everyone can do that by entering bank from the street and simply ask to open a bank account in the United States.
We invite you to Activa Realty office, we are always trying to get the best deal and the best service for our customers. If you don’t find suitable property on our website, email to us or just come to our office, we will try to find the right property for you, perfectly matched for your needs.

Real Estate in Florida

Who among us has not dreamed of a Florida home, an apartment in Miami right on the sandy beach, where you can playing golf all year round, eating in good restaurants, and enjoying life, and anjoy great services for residents. This services offers South Florida.

Florida is one of the best places in the world to buy a house or apartment (condo). Residence or a house with a plot (lot) and private pool. When it comes to overseas property, Miami and around South Florida, without a doubt is one of the most prestigious locations in the world for owning a home or apartment abroad. Also for the purchase of the apartment by the sea and close to the beach in Miami, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

Property boom

The current period of economic boom and high-price of houses and condos in Florida, offers to the person concerned, buying a home abroad, in Florida, the best opportunities for this kind of investment in foreign real estate. At the moment, deals as foreclosures in Florida or short sales in Florida are almost not available for the investor. These apartments (condos) you could buy 40 or 50 percent cheaper than before.

In addition, if you have cash and want to spend it on a house or condo in Florida, you can negotiate with the seller, in this case with the Bank in Florida. Sometimes they accept even lower offer than those officially communicated to the customer in the Bank or on websites with offers and property adverts.

Florida homes 2022

The last few months, has brought a revival of the real estate market in Florida, previously the price of houses and apartments in Miami have gone slightly upward. Whether this heralds the end of the American real estate market boom? This we don’t know, but carefully analyzing the current situation this can be expected. Sooner or later … Property buying Florida.

Property buying Florida. Offers Activa Realty Florida, are property for sale in South Florida, the most beautiful parts of this tropical peninsula. You can find the current property sales of houses and apartments in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, this is Florida South East area. We operate in three counties in Florida. Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. Here are the best places to owning and buying a home in Florida. See also communities where we sell properties in Florida

East Florida (Atlantic coast) offers to the person concerned about the purchase of real estate in Florida, wonderful sandy beaches. High temperatures, all year round tropical climate and ideal conditions for investments in safe and stable economy, which is the economy of 18 million Floridians.

Buying property in Florida certainly well pays off in the future. Both if you’re considering renting your real estate in Florida and derive passive income from renting a home or condo, as well as subsequent resale of the property in Florida, later in the future.
When buying home in Florida, it’s good to use a good local real estate agency. Argue in favour of this, first and foremost, security considerations when conducting such operation. By buying directly from the owner in Florida, you could run the risk of buying real estate with outstanding mortgage loan on the property or another debt linked to the property.

Buy now or wait ….?

Also buying homes on the new housing estates are now the best time for this type of investment. Homes on the new neighborhoods sell rapidly. Better locations, called prime locations also quickly are purchased by investors and by people prefering home in good location in Florida.
We cordially invite you to our offices in Florida, where we have access to thousands of real estate deals in Florida.

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Property buying Florida – a good time to invest. We will find for you a foreign real estate dream house and best offers of houses and condos in Florida. Also, Florida mortgages to finance home buying transaction. Check out real estate prices in Florida and invest in a house or apartment abroad.
Activa realty welcomes you in Florida and in the United States. Welcome home.

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