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Single family houses for sale in Florida. Primary market and secondary property market in Florida. In our vast property portfolio you will find great single family houses for sale in Florida. We sell properties in Boca Raton, Miami, town of Fort Lauderdale and other cities in Palm Beach county, Miami Dade and Broward county. Check single family homes for sale in Coral Springs area. Good investment properties for you and your family.

What is the definition of a single-family house in Florida? The vast majority of these properties are residential buildings with their own plot in English called plot or lot (American English). Single family houses in USA are independent buildings that have no contact with other real estate, often have a private pool, sometimes it’s a communal pool, in a given housing complex (which can be used by other property owners in a given housing estate or residential complex).

Similar to single family house is a term – villa. A villa is a larger, single-family building with a garden or lot of land. The word villa is extremely old and comes from Roman times. During the ancient Roman period in Europe, the villa was the home of wealthy landlords.
This type of house usually had a rectangular shape. There are other living quarters in the villa, such as bedrooms, rooms for servants and slaves, surrounded the peristyle and atrium. Normally, around the villa, there was a decorative recreational garden with numerous gazebos around the property. Roman villas were built not only in cities, but also in small villages, as well as in the coastal belt and on the beaches.

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