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Miami property for sale

How to Find the Perfect Property for Sale in Miami

South Florida is well-known for its fantastic, sunny weather, beautiful sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife all year around. It’s no wonder that so many people from all over the world are interested in purchasing property in Miami. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, an Florida investment property, or a place to retire, fantastic Miami has something to offer for an investor in any...

Mortgage USA conventional Florida

Conventional Mortgage Loans

A conventional mortgage loan is any loan that is not insured or guaranteed by an agency of the government. Conventional mortgage loans made by lending institutions and private lenders are the predominant method in which single family residences are financed.Usually, conventional mortgage loans are more difficult for a borrower to obtain than a mortgage under the FHA or VA programs. Conventional mortgage...

Pompano Beach property Florida sales

Pompano Beach property for sale in Florida

Pompano Beach, Florida, lives up to the promise in its name; miles of beach along the temperate Gulf Stream greet the sun-thirsty traveler. Pompano Beach shares its warm, lapping seas with its Gold Coast neighbors,Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. The Spirit of Innovation airship from Goodyear patrols the clear sky above. There are enough links courses in the area to keep an adventurous golfer...

Real estate brokerage in Florida property

Real Estate Brokerage Corporation

A real estate brokerage corporation must provide proof of legal corporate existence prior to its initial registration with the Department. The corporation and the names of all officers and directors of the corporation must be registered. At least one corporate officer must have an active real estate broker's license. In the event that a corporation has only one active broker, and the broker dies, resigns,...

Life estate

What is a Life Estate

A life estate is a freehold estate created when an owner of a free simple estate conveys ownership to another, but only for the balance of a lifetime of the party to whom the property is conveyed. The party who receives the ownership of a life estate is called a life tenant. During the life of the life tenant, they have all rights in the property. They may lease it, mortgage it, or even sell it. However,...

Real estate contracts

Real Estate Contracts

By definition, a contract is an agreement between two or more competent parties that creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing. A contract is not required to be in a certain format. To be o n a single piece of paper or even to be in written form. The agreement can be either written or oral. Essentials of a valid contract The four essential elements are necessary to create a valid...

Florida house

Types of investment properties in Florida

Informations about some ot the different types of real estate available for investment in Florida state. Check for kind of property you can purchase in Florida. Residential Residential investment property is available in a very wide range of prices. Most important factors to be considered when selecting residential properties are location, availability of local transportation, local schools and...

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